The Editor The National Post.

Dear Sir: The near successful landing by 122 illegals from China on a remote part of Vancouver Island dramatically highlights Canada’s decrepit refugee system. First, the illegals very nearly succeeded in slipping into Canada unnoticed. It was just our dumb good luck they were seen.

The Canadian Armed Forces whose raison d’etre is to protect Canada’s territorial integrity have been stretched far too thin. The Chretien government has given a higher priority to putting a beating on Slobodan Milosevic or meddling in Bosnia than in devoting the ships and planes necessary to protect our long coastline. It’s interesting that the two cash laden members of the ship’s advance party were apprehended not by our undermanned immigration department but by two vacationing U.S. policemen! What are we getting?

The people who were seen blithely tossing empty chip bags overboard had not had the presence of mind to dump buckets of human excrement that were fouling their ship. The absurdity is only just beginning. These 122 illegals try to sneak into Canada.

They have paid snakeheads a reported $38,000 U.S. each to circumvent our laws. They have no identification and, thus, are clearly here in bad faith. Can we turf them out? Of course not.

Thanks to the lunatic 1987 Singh decision by the Supreme Court anyone can make a refugee claim from within Canada and must be granted an oral hearing. The unelected judges turned lawmakers give illegals endless rights to welfare, housing, medicare and legal aid and Canadian taxpayers endless obligations to pay for them.

This decision has become a beacon to smugglers in human cargo and opportunists who wish to avoid proper scrutiny and skirt the regulations. It’s time to regain control of our borders.

Parliament must invoke the “notwithstanding” clause of the constitution, overturn the Singh decision and prohibit application for immigrant or refugee status from within Canada. Take away the incentive and the flood of illegals will dry up.

Sincerely yours, Paul Fromm Director Sign an immigration reform ePOSTCARD today! Free easy and fun! Also see: