To date we have received the following submissions – in case you haven’t yet … please Add your voice to the immigration petition! IS ROGER ROCAN A RACIST? YOU DECIDE Who is he? Roger Rocan is a former member of the Reform Party of Canada, who wasexpelled from the party in July 1991. In October 1992, during the Charlottetown Accord referendum, Rocan was chairman of Victoria’s “Vote No for Canada Committee.” In June 1994, after being identified in a single sentence in Warren Kinsella’s book ‘Web of Hate: Inside Canada’s Far Right Network’ as a former Reform Party member with right wing views, Rocan sued Kinsella and HarperCollins for defamation. Rocan’s involvement with right wing groups is on the public record.

On May 13, 1993, for example, Rocan appeared before Victoria City Council on behalf of the Canadian League of Rights. In his book ‘A Trust Betrayed: The Keegstra Affair,’ Professor David Bercuson describes the Canadian League of Rights as “one of the largest and best organized Canadian anti-Semitic groups.” That’s not all: in May 1994, Rocan was a paid activist and recruiter for the Western Canada Concept in British Columbia and Alberta. Among other things, the WCC’s platform states that “immigration can result in Western Canada becoming just as crowded and degenerate as the Third World…We must stop Third World immigration and return to traditional sources of immigration from culturally compatible origins like Europe.”

Rocan’s lawyer is Doug Christie, who has in the past represented the anti-Semitic former school teacher, Jim Keegstra; pro-Nazi publisher Ernst Zundel; the leader of the Manitoba Knights of the Ku Klux Klan; Holocaust-denying writer Malcolm Ross; the former leader of the Aryan Nations; and the racist Canadian Liberty Net. Christie is also the leader of the Western Canada Concept. In February 1993, an investigation by the Law Society of Upper Canada found that Rocan’s lawyer had made “anti-Semitic” comments – and that he had made “common cause” with anti-Semitic “lunatics.” What has happened in the law suit? Warren Kinsella and HarperCollins have vigorously defended Rocan’s law suit from day one.

In preparing for the trial, lawyers were made aware of Roger Rocan’s involvement with a number of right wing causes and individuals. In the “discovery” portion of the trial, Rocan admitted, under oath, that he wants to preserve “white Christian values in Canada” – and confessed that he was against “multiculturalism, bilingualism and immigration.” A few days before the trial was to begin in Victoria, the case was settled out of court. No apology was made, or offered, by Kinsella and HarperCollins. Here’s why. ROGER ROCAN IN HIS OWN WORDS On the Charlottetown Accord: “[It is] punishment for the whites.” – Vancouver Sun, October 16, 1992 On the ‘correct’ race: “Why am I not a native? Simply because I’m not of the correct race.” – Analysis of the Charlottetown Accord, Fall 1992 On favouritism: “…if two people, one an aboriginal person and one a white person are equally qualified for the same job, the aboriginal person will get the job rather than the white person.” – Analysis of the Charlottetown Accord, Fall 1992 On Oka: “This agreement is a recipe for apartheid ghettoization on a racial basis and eventually conflict which cannot be legally resolved…You’re going to see more Okas on a larger scale than you’ve ever imagined.” – Analysis of the Charlottetown Accord, Fall 1992 On why he won’t reveal who wrote the ‘analysis’ with him: “They don’t want to be tracked on computer by the federal government.” – Vancouver Sun, October 11, 1992 On who is a native: “How long do you have to live in this country before you become a native?” – Toronto Star, October 21, 1992 On who was here first: “The government wishes to accord some special status to aboriginals because they’ve apparently been here longer. Big deal.” – Toronto Star, October 21, 1992 On Zundel and Keegstra’s lawyer: “…we don’t think he’s carrying any baggage at all.” – Vancouver Sun, October 16, 1992goerge golematosCanada – Sunday, July 26, 1998 at 20:55:30 (EDT) It is most regrettable that the Immigration Review Committee has seen fit to deny Canadians a forum to air their views on immigration and instead chose to hear from groups with a vested interest, such as Immigration lawyers and consultants and the rest of the taxpayer-funded immigration industry.

Canada cannot afford an open-door immigration policy that does not take into account our unemployment stats, lack of assimiliation on the part of immigrants – thanks to canada’s multi-cult policies- and the state of our economy. Canada has been on a course of de-industrialization for the past thirty years, so that economically there’s very little to sustain this nation. By allowing 250,000 or so new immigrants each year, with no equivilant job prospects, we are placing an unsustainable burden on our social services system,ie, subsidized housing, welfare, medicare, etc, to support these newcomers.

Now if it is true, as we so often hear, that the more people we have the wealthier our country will be, then China and India should be the wealthiest nations in the world. It seems our politicians need a reality check, and not votes in the next election, before this once great country is destroyed from within. Eileen Pressler Eileen M. Pressler < Diss, England – Sunday, March 15, 1998 at 19:55:52 (EST) All non-white immigrants must be lined up and shot!Rebecca-hoCanada – Sunday, March 08, 1998 at 15:42:41 (EST) Stop all immigration now!!!!!!SteveHamilton, ON Canada – Saturday, March 07, 1998 at 17:01:57 (EST) xhfgh dfgh dfgh dfh dfg dfhTesterCanada – Friday, March 06, 1998 at 18:17:29 (EST) Very sorry to see that the immigration review hearings have been the occasion to air the usual demands for more funding for the usual suspects. I wish that the committee had been willing to hear from ALL people (as suggested in promo material) Carol Allen <Bernard Klatt <Ingrid Rimland <Marc Lemire <Canada First Immigration Reform Committee

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