Dear Member of Parliament:

Let me ask you about a friend of mine.

She’s a single mom. She has a darling six year old son. Times are hard. She needs dental work. Her face bears the wear and tear of the struggle of trying to raise her son alone on about $720 per month (for him). Oh yes, her father is a World War II vet. Her grandfather served this country in World War I. On both sides of her family, parents and grandparents dutifully contributed to our society and paid taxes. Life is tough for her. Our society, the one you help direct, decrees that her son is worth $720 a month on welfare.

How do I explain to her that our society, the one you help direct, has decided that Chinese illegals, now in the care of B.C. social services, are worth 12 times what her son is. That’s right, each of these illegals costs the taxpayers $8,200 a month. Why is her boy — the great grandson, the grandson, and the son of Canadians who paid taxes — worth only a twelfth of what you’re prepared to squander on illegals who scammed their way into this country?

Now, yet another boat, number three in a flotilla of illegal invaders, has landed and the illegals are about to board the same gravy train of welfare, legal aid, medicare, dental care, translators, etc. all at the expense of the Canadian taxpayers.

I ask you three questions:

  • How can we explain to my friend why her son is worth just a twelfth of what an illegal is?
  • Are you prepared to demand that Parliament be reconvened immediately to deal with this emergency?
  • Are you prepared to support the use of the “notwithstanding” clause — Section 33 of the Constitution — to take back control of our borders from the unelected courts. Are you prepared to support legislation that would require anyone who wishes to come to Canada as an immigrant or refugee to apply and be vetted abroad.

Then, we could summarily deport all those who enter our country illegally. Then, our strained social services might have the resources to offer my friend’s son a little more of the largesse of this great land.

Paul Fromm Director Canada First Immigration Reform Committee