Aug 31, 1999 | PRESS RELEASE

“Canada faces the most serious security crisis since the FLQ in 1970,” says Paul Fromm, Director of the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee. “The complete failure of successive governments to take control of our borders has made it open season on Canada.”

To deal with this, Fromm urges members of all political parties to demand the recall of Parliament for an emergency session to invoke the “notwithstanding” clause, overturn recent Supreme Court decisions, and decree that only those who apply from abroad will be considered for immigrant or refugee status in Canada. “Either Canada is in control of its borders or it is not. Presently, unelected judges have thwarted our ability to protect Canadians from scamsters and criminals,” he says.

Fromm points to the latest apprehension in Port Hardy, British Columbia, where another unmarked foreign vessel with reported Chinese illegals are headed.

“The criminal flesh peddlers, the ‘snakeheads’, who have been doing this for some time faced a temporary problem when their July incursion was accidentally intercepted. This was a test of Canadian resolve” says Fromm.

“It didn’t take long to determine that Canada’s political leadership was bankrupt. With the last two ships, instead of swiftly deporting the bogus illegals, who carried no identification and had tried to sneak into this country, the authorities fed them, housed them and quickly foisted over a hundred of them on the taxpayers of British Columbia who must pay for their welfare for the two years or more it may take to give them a refugee hearing.” The smugglers, would-be sneaks and opportunists now knew all they needed to know and with this latest ship spotted today, the invasion has resumed.

Immigration reform experts had warned that the late July landing of 123 Chinese illegals would be just the beginning of an invasion. “We were right,” says Fromm.

“Parliament must retake control of our borders. Canada must send a strong and clear message that there is no right to sneak into Canada to avoid proper screening and identification. Those who do so must be arrested and swiftly deported,” he urges.

Referring to recent protests of homeless people in various parts of Canada, Fromm said: “Governments must put Canada and Canadians first! Until we have cared for our own homeless, we shouldn’t be lavishing salmon and calamari and welfare on illegals who have defied our laws. Queue jumping hurts our own poor, marginalized and minorities first. They are the first victims of Canada’s bankrupt immigration policy that seems to favour cheats and illegals over honest applicants who obey the rules.”

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