Canadians were never consulted about changes to our national immigration policy. Nor have we ever been permitted to permitted to vote on this issue. Polls consistantly show that despite years of propaganda, Canadians are just not convinced that they like, or want, even more immigration. The response to this discontent has been the insidious appearance of op-ed pieces fretting over the cataclysmic possibility of a referendum. “Referenda further marginalize minorities, lobby groups will become impotent” and (Eek!) the loathed majority will determine policy – kind of like a democracy. In one of the most recent polls commissioned by the immigration department, (as usual, obtained only when the media resorts to the Access to Information Act) a spokesman for Immigation Canada said, “the surveys are used for setting his department’s communications strategy and not for setting policy.” How gratifying to discover that our concerns will directly affect the quality of propaganda we see next year. What kind of government forces an absolutely fundamental change on the standing population and subsequently enforces that policy with ever-more restrictive legislation?

Canada reached the hog-wallow of lows when it decided to demonize ‘free speech’ to a point where there is something vaguely suspect about anyone unwise enough to endorse ‘the idea of it’ usually qualified by “but of course, there have to be limits”. Why? What kind of truth needs so much protection? A healthy society with prospects for the future welcomes debate in the spirit of fine tuning a precision machine. No political party is committed to reforming Canadian immigration and multicultural policy. It’s become a sacred cow NO ONE really likes to see wandering about and defecating, but saying so is ‘racist’, ‘hatred’ or, even worse, ‘insensitive’. Massive, crippling taxation, corrupt patronage appointments, treacherous acts by faithless politicians, nest-feathering immigration lawyers cashing in at both ends, all contribute to an oppressive climate of hopeless despair. All of which seems little enough to demand of us. After all, it’s easier to live on your knees as a slave and face extinction, than it is to stand up and speak out. Per capita, Canada accepts twice as many immigrants as does either the US or Australia. Thus, the impact on Canadians is presumably twice as great, and yet, it is the US and Australia where large, well-funded, grass-roots immigration-reform lobbies flourish. Is that because of Canada’s government-sponsored climate of moral indignation and intimidation?

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