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CFIRC BREAKING NEWS – AUGUST 15, 1999 As the debate about smuggled human cargo continues, it’s painfully clear that some people couldn’t think their way out of a paper bag if it was on fire. _______________________________________________________________________

The new immigration minister (Elinor Caplan) reminds us that Canada is a nation of immigrants . Oh brother, not that old chestnut. Yes — (sigh) — somewhere, someone came to Canada. Big deal. Finland, Fiji, and Fukian were settled the same way. How this earth-shattering piece of intelligence is supposed to automatically clear the decks for smuggled human cargo is not specifically spelled out. Not that the fanatic is likely to care, but Canada is actually a nation of NATIVES. According to Statistics Canada: the 1996 Census showed that 95% of Canada’s total population were Canadian citizens. Of those, the vast majority (87%) were Canadian citizens by birth. (The Daily, November 4, 1997) … Where were YOU born? _______________________________________________________________________

Then there’s the president of the Canadian Council for Refugees (Francisco Rico-Martinez). He is so disgusted with his adopted country, that he laid this stinker: Canada receives less than three-tenths of one per cent of the world’s refugees. Contrast this with Pakistan, which has by itself 10%. (National Post, July 30) Is he saying that if we take in ENOUGH refugees we’ll be able to enjoy the same standard of living as Pakistan? Sorry, the advantages just aren’t immediately obvious. _______________________________________________________________________ Constable Scott Rintoul has seen it all before including cases where Asians themselves being smuggled into Canada, agree to courier drugs to pay off the human smugglers known as snakeheads. But the drugs aren’t just coming in on flights. Police — especially in the U.S. — have seized millions of dollars in heroin from gangs that also smuggle humans. And B.C. authorities will now be looking into whether these two most recent migrant ships were also carrying drugs. (BCTV, August 13, 1999) HEY! GOOD IDEA, NOW THAT MOST OF THE FIRST BATCH ARE AT LIBERTY _______________________________________________________________________ Believe it or not, if there is a split decision, the refugee is ALWAYS allowed to stay. NO WONDER IMMIGRATION CANADA IS SUICIDALLY FATALISTIC – _______________________________________________________________________

Saturday, August 07, 1999 Financial Post Madame Minister, immigration is a privilege not a right Bogus refugees who break the law should be turned away Diane Francis Financial Post Dear Immigration Minister Elinor Caplan: Congratulations on your new appointment. I hope you will fix Canada’s flawed immigration and refugee system. Canadians are furious for obvious reasons: Recently a court ruled that a convicted paedaphile/refugee could stay here permanently after being deported. An American woman was recently allowed to remain as a refugee because she left her violent U.S. husband. Most high profile is the recent arrival of 123 bogus refugees in a wretched boat caught in the criminal act of trying to smuggle themselves in. Then there are countless examples everywhere of immigrants sponsored, or not, who are simply not pulling their weight and are running up huge social benefits costs.

The biggest challenge for you is to sift through information from your departmental types who want to protect their hides because their system has become a mark for every fraudster in the world. You must also sift through junk information from the immigration lobby of refugees, immigrants and lawyers who live off tax dollars, which perpetuate the current system. What you must examine are what I call the three myths. Myth 1 : Canada needs 200,000 immigrants a year. Back in the mid-1980s, some bright light in the Tory government decided to ratchet Canada’s immigration up to record highs despite a recession. Previously, immigration never exceeded 80,000 a year and varied depending upon job market needs. The 200,000 number is arbitrary and unjustifiable given unemployment rates since the mid-1980s. Demographics expert and co-author of Boom, Bust and Echo, Daniel Stoffman says current immigration and refugee levels will greatly harm the 6.5 million Canadians born between 1980 and 1995. He calls them the baby boom echo generation. Over the next decade they will be moving into the job market and there will be unemployment and displacement problems at current immigration and refugee levels, he said. The possibility that current numbers will unjustifiably increase unemployment levels for young people in this country has been totally unexplored. No one has proven the need or benefit, no one has disproved it either but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that the amount and type of immigration in recent years has been hugely negative. Myth 2: All immigration is good immigration. No one has proven, or disproved, this. You must undertake a net-benefits study into the fact that more than half of the two million immigrants allowed into Canada would not have gotten in unless they had been sponsored by a close relative. That sounds fine, except that there’s evidence that many sponsors are not keeping their promises and are not properly researched.

A recent Toronto survey showed that thousands of sponsored immigrants were on welfare rolls. Another internal study leaked to me showed that sponsors’ financial information is based on documents provided by sponsors that can be easily forged, is not properly evaluated, is never double-checked and is incomplete. The study into Sri Lankan immigration showed that more than half of sponsors should never have been approved. Secondly, Canada is the only developed country that allows the sponsorship of distant relatives (grandparents, siblings, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles) and persons without an established relationship (such as so-called fiances and commonlaw spouses). The cost, and fraud involved, is staggering. Myth 3: Canada’s refugee policy is humane and fulfills our commitment globally to look after those fleeing oppression and human rights abuses. Canada has been recently letting in 25,000 and turning down very few. Canada lets in a higher percentage of refugees than any other signatory to the United Nations Convention on Refugees. This is because, unlike Europe or the United States, no Canadian official does any homework or does any examination, and virtually everyone is rubber-stamped in. By contrast, under the UN convention, countries are only obliged to take persons escaping from bona fide oppression. Nations can turn away anyone they wish if the refugee claim cannot be proven and certainly can, and should, refuse entry to someone from a safe third country. Here, we accept people who fly in without documents from Europe, the United States, Latin America or Asia. We accept people who suddenly appear on foot at the border or by boat with smugglers from China. Once in, refugee claimants are freed (with few exceptions) and are entitled to full social benefits. Their only requirement is that they show up at a refugee hearing.

Currently, some 20,000 have never shown up and are missing because they used Canada to enter the world of crime, terrorism or illegally enter the United States. If they show, the process is totally ridiculous. There are two judges in refugee hearings and no independent research, public scrutiny or cross-examination is ever involved. Believe it or not, if there is a split decision, the refugee is always allowed to stay. If both judges decide the person is unacceptable, a written opinion must be done. If one or both judges decide to let someone stay, no written decision is required. This is key because most judges are patronage appointees who don’t know a tort from a tart and avoid written decisions. Immigration is a privilege not a right. Good immigration is good for Canada. Bad immigration is not. Bogus refugees who break the law by defrauding our system or hiding their identities should be turned away. Real refugees in camps should be allowed in. Numbers should be justified not arbitrary in order to protect Canadian workers from unemployment. To conclude, Madame Minister, I urge you to do some homework because I believe that the policies and process you inherited have greatly damaged this country. Diane Francis can be reached by e-mail at _______________________________________________________________________


More trying to get here Mounties confirm existence of another ship carrying Chinese migrants Jason Proctor, Staff Reporter The Province VICTORIA — RCMP confirmed yesterday that a third ship full of Chinese migrants was headed toward B.C. before U.S. authorities intercepted it last week. Together with intelligence that another boat full of Asian migrants recently set sail for the East Coast from Lithuania, it indicates an increase in human smuggling that could stretch Canada’s beleaguered immigration, police and military resources to the limit. If it was to continue to happen and if it became more prevalent, I would have to have a meeting with my director-general on what additional support we would need to meet this situation, said immigration spokesman Jim Redmond. Navy Lt.-Cmdr. Gerry Pash said the problem is one the military has already stepped up patrols to contain.

But the armed forces can only do so much with the resources they have. Everyone could require additional resources from time to time, said Pash. How much patrolling do you want? How much . . . are Canadians prepared to finance? The topic was one heard on every radio station and in most coffee shops around B.C. this weekend as rumours continued to swirl about more boatloads of Chinese fleeing Fujian province in the wake of the arrival of 131 migrants on our coast this week. Their boat came only three weeks after 123 compatriots sailed into Nootka Sound — all of whom have since claimed refugee status in Canada. RCMP spokeswoman Const.

Tracey Rook said a boat smuggling a cargo of more than 100 Chinese migrants was diverted to the Mariana Islands, a U.S. territory near Guam. Police previously denied the existence of the boat, which was boarded as it passed through Japanese waters. The passengers indicated that Vancouver was their final destination. It’s a very, very lucrative business and the West Coast of B.C. is a very likely target, [owing] to our geographical location. We have a very large coast, said Rook. This is an ongoing problem, and it’s being addressed by many countries. Immigration and RCMP continued yesterday to process the migrants apprehended at the southern tip of the Queen Charlottes on Wednesday, after being forced from the vessel that brought them to Canada.

In addition to the third vessel from China, an immigration report leaked to the media states that a fishing vessel from Lithuania is slowly making its way through the North Atlantic to Canada. Neither U.S. nor Canadian officials have confirmed or denied the existence of the ship –& Ecirc;said to be overloaded with criminals. Smugglers used the same point of origin to send a boat full of Chinese stowaways into the southern United States last week. The issue has taken on an air of crisis, especially as suggestions surfaced in the press on the weekend that the United States may add Canada to the countries blacklisted for drug trafficking — an organized-crime activity that police suspect goes hand-in-hand with human smuggling.

Rook said RCMP are working with agencies overseas to stop the illegal activity before it happens. She also said police suspect that organized-crime contacts in this country are involved in bringing illegal immigrants to Canada. (Vancouver Province, Sunday 15 August 1999)


CBC Newsworld Officials identify enforcers among migrants in B.C. WebPosted Sun Aug 15 10:03:05 1999 VICTORIA, B.C. – Eighteen of the Chinese migrants staying at CFB Esquimalt in British Columbia have been separated from the rest on suspicion that they have links to organized crime. Canadian Immigration officials believe the 18 were aboard the ship, which carried a total 131 people, as enforcers who kept the other travellers in line, collected money and made contacts with smugglers. Immigration officials are interviewing the migrants at the forces base. On Saturday they spoke with about 30 people. Many of the migrants are expected to file for refugee status, as did those from an earlier group that arrived in B.C. July 20. Refugee hearings for that group — 123 men and women — are expected to begin next month. The RCMP describes the smuggling of would-be immigrants as a global activity run by organized crime. The growing problem involves big money, with passengers paying as much as $40,000 each for the journey out of their country. In the last month, two ships carrying Chinese migrants arrived off B.C.’s coast.

A third headed towards North America was intercepted by the Japanese and diverted to the Marianna Islands off Guam. Officials confirmed the existence of the third boat Saturday. They had earlier denied the reports, over fears of interfering with an ongoing international investigation. Consistent with what the U.S. coast guard and the military have confirmed, a vessel was checked by the Japanese navy earlier this month, said RCMP Const. Tracey Rook. It has had contact with the U.S. coast guard and our most recent information is that this vessel has now been diverted and is heading to the Mariana Islands off the coast of Guam, Rook said. Canada’s Department of National Defence says it has tried to monitor the West Coast more closely since smugglers’ ships have been spotted in the past month. But the area is vast, and the job difficult.




CFIRC goes 3,000 miles to protest against Illegial Immigration in British Columbia! Read the whole story and find out the truth about the silent invasion going on in BC! .

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