Under multicultural legislation, Canada guarantees and protects the survival of all cultures, whether they are hostile to traditional Canadian values or not. Under the weight of all this competition, something has to give, and it is, unfortunately, demoralized Canadians who consistantly offer the least resistance. There is a theory that there always exists a chronically disgruntled class in any society. Constant agitating and lobbying has catapulted this type to positions where their desires and decisions affect all of us. Lovely. Governance by kooks with a grudge or kooks with an inferiority complex. And policy reflects it. Apart from the weirdo element, there is the huge non-agitating majority who go to work, pay their taxes and do their best to unobtrusively celebrate shameful events like Christmas. They may not like what Canada has become, but they are not professional agitators (funded by government grants), and wouldn’t know where to start. And if they did, you can be sure someone would call them a white supremacist. Of course the weirdo element has never known how to be a good winner. So, despite huge ‘gains’, they will continue to press for ever more ludicrous concessions. Traditional European values are mocked, dismissed as ‘intrinsically hateful’, and generally deemed unworthy to maintain. As for ‘white supremacy’, is that really possible among a people so dispirited and disheartened? Any evidence of pride in your culture or heritage is encouraged and (frequently) subsidized in Canada. However, if you happen to be white, that same impulse is shameful and promptly hailed as conclusive proof that you are a ‘white supremacist’. We have permitted this this to happen to us and we have not demanded a halt. All people have a right and obligation to exist, but something vital has been vacuumed out of Canadians. It’s an enormous price to pay for hosting a party. The disenfranchised majority is constantly slapped around by someone whose other hand is extended for a tip. Is it possible that we like it? Or have we been so thoroughly suffused with manufactured guilt and a sense of self-loathing that we have begun to think we ‘deserve’ it?

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