What racist past is that? The very idea that all men are created equal did not arise in Asia, India or Africa. In a viper’s nest of resentments, Canada’s history has been rewritten without the inconvenient intrusion of facts. Europeans came here and built a nation. That used to be something to live up to. When did it become something ‘we must try to live down’? If anyone cares to remember, Canadians did not wage war on aboriginal peoples. Indeed, the discovery of Kennewick Man and a half dozen other pre-Columbian Caucasian skeletons in North America, has lead some scientists to (very carefully) speculate that a very different kind of genocide may have taken place here before the European voyages of discovery brought Europeans back to North America.

Again, not that it’s of any real interest, but Canada served as the terminus of the Underground Railway. Coolies may have died in the construction of the CPR. Will we be permitted to know how many European bones are laid along the same track? They say there is an Irish body buried along every mile of the Erie Canal. Canada’s record is a couple of notches above the model familiar to some of our most outspoken critics, many of whom have arrived from nations where female children are routinely murdered or circumcised; or where surviving children may have their limbs bound for a period of adjustment to make more effective beggars of them. Last year, Saudi Arabia sent scores of children home after they were abandoned to their fates during the Haj. The buying and selling of human beings is still routine stuff throughout much of sub-Saharan Africa and China’s new wealth has contributed to a resurgence in the same practice.

An Asian brothel-slave operation was recently broken in Toronto, as was the grotesque exploitation of deaf Mexican nationals by their own countrymen in the U.S. Widows may be tossed on their husbands funeral pyre after a lifetime shut away in purdah, but, by all means, remember one thing: while it’s unthinkable to criticize other races and peoples for their cultural values, it’s always open season on Canadians. Our so-called racist past has been seamlessly replaced by a virulently racist present. In the Ontario school system, under a new program, children are encouraged to ‘analyze a body of work for the percentage of white men portrayed in power positions compared with the number of women and racial minorities’ and to ‘check story lines to see whether all problems are resolved by male or white heroes acting as sort of “benevolent masters”. In other words, the achievements of Canadians (which made all this possible) are the bones on which immigrant children are expected to sharpen their teeth. Today’s Canada is indeed a cauldron of racism and hatred.

Anti-white rhetoric charges that traditional Canadian societal norms are ethnocentric where they are not Eurocentric, but once again, noticing this phenomenon is called racist, xenophobic proof of white-supremacist tendencies. Some people get all the breaks. Some people are above reproach and beyond criticism, and other people had better shut up if they know what’s good for them. In other words, “As long as we both hate me, everything’s fine.” All this begs the question: was anti-racisim such a big deal ‘back home’ – or is this a recently acquired “tool”? If Canada is unbearably ‘racist’, why would anyone deprive themselves of the genocidal tribal hatreds innate to the enlightened African or Asian experience? If fighting racism is a priority, by all means let’s learn from the experts.

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