The neo-con argument is that our population is shrinking and aging (and no doubt, shrinking as it ages), and that immigrants will cheerfully shell-out for our pensions when the time comes.

A recent study in the US suggests that immigrant populations will hear of no such thing. As of September ’97, Canada’s Liberal government is launching a major public relations campaign to soften us up for an over all 10% reduction in Canada’s old-age benefit, as well as nearly doubling (by 73%) the amount of CPP extracted at source. The concept of state-care for the elderly is unheard of in the Third World. Indeed, since June of 1996, wealthy Singapore has had a Tribunal for the Maintenance of Parents. The body merely requires children to care for aged parents. “Officials were surprised at the numbers of neglected parents” according to the New York Times. Thanks to multiculturalism, recent arrivals are not only encouraged to do things the ‘old’ way, but force-fed a steady drip of anti-white rhetoric once they settle in. Canada is currently experiencing an exodus of wealthy Chinese returning to a less-taxed Hong Kong where, among the 1/2 the population that is actually required to pay taxes, the maximum taxation rate is just 15%. Liberal-types insist that immigrants pay more than their fair share of taxes – GREAT! – assuming that a completely revised infrastructure to accomodate the needs of recent arrivals didn’t cost anything.

The “Common Sense Revolution” means to address chronic government over-spending. Hooray! Among a population which achieved zero population growth way back in the 70’s — exactly WHERE has the money been going? The government’s chief actuary for the Unemployment Insurance Commission forecasts a bonanza of $12.8-billion in surplus funds by year’s end. The feds mean to use the windfall to address the deficit (rather than paying it out to the unemployed who were forced to pay into it) — yet another tax-swindle. Rather than simply replacing the standing population and consistantly compromising Canadian expectations to accomodate recent arrivals, responsible government would implement programs to upgrade our own skills and stop importing them from countries which need those skills desperately. Moral government would encourage the growth of Canadian families with incentives, tax breaks, discounted mortages and assistance with schooling and associated costs of raising Canadian children. Our managable little problems have ballooned into massive bloated imponderables which we are not allowed to discuss. Case closed.

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