Why indeed? Maybe, the inescapable fact is that whites and non-whites cannot reach a concensus on our separate or converging histories. Non-whites regard whites as imperialistic exploiters and whites are chafing at this inescapable posture of atonement and restitution. Even plodding, docile Canadians are beginning to get the message: “It doesn’t matter what you do, no matter how many payouts, concessions, personal sacrifices, appeasement programs or bribes you pay, it will never be forgotten. You can never make it up.

You will never be forgiven.” Just what Canadians have ‘done’ is only ever spelled-out in the vaguest possible terms, but we all know what long racial resentment means. We can’t seem to get logical about this. Sapere aude! “Have the courage to use your own reason!” The genocide aspect of mass immigration means that one despised group loses its will to live, to have children, to compete, to improve itself, or defend itself, when those healthy instincts are relentlessly characterized as ‘hatred’.

The other newly-enfranchised, dynamic group has indeed found the promised land! As a whole, this group is above criticism and beyond reproach, suffused with the knowledge that it can simply do no wrong! If you happen to get shot during the commission of a crime, it has nothing to do with criminal activity. It’s further evidence of systemic racism! Slowly but surely the existing population discovers that it can say and do nothing right. The only permissable posture is a mendacious one, where Canadians themselves are encouraged to further ethnic and racial stereotypes — the positive ones. The further Canadians slide down this greasy slope of damnation, the more we had better hope that this is indeed an official policy of genocide. If it’s sheer stupidity, we’re really in trouble.

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