A nation traditionally looks to its young men for the realization of its hopes, dreams, and prospects for the future. Young men have always embodied a spirit of optimistic hope, poised for great achievements. How odd then to notice, not just the extraordinary numbers, but the youthfulness of the broken and derelict (almost exclusively white) men begging, dossing at hostels and living in parks. Not exactly eligible bachelors.

They will never marry, probably never reproduce, and will likely drift into a life of petty crime, alienation, substance abuse and psychological problems. They have been cut out of their inheritance and while away what should have been their most productive (and reproductive) years digging in dumpsters. They have been betrayed by policy to a criminal extent. They may be homeless, but they’re not stupid. How were they to compete with quotas and anti-white/anti-male ‘sensitivity’? It’s really another case of the chicken or the egg. As we’re pushed to the wall, do Caucasian lives fall apart because they’re nuts, or do Caucasian lives fall apart because they’re Caucasian and Canada is nuts? A recent Statistics Canada study found that “the earnings of young men are not catching up to 1981 levels.” In a decent society, there is not just a place for the marginalized, but measures in place to prevent just this kind of social cancer and betrayal. In Toronto itself, the response to the burgeoning homeless population has been to admit complete and utter defeat.

The year after three men froze to death on the streets, the city addressed the problem by offering sleeping bags to the remainder. This year the city is considering opening up public buildings to the homeless. Homeless shelters are currently full of hundreds of Gypsy “refugee” claimants, and Metro Toronto has accordingly signed contracts to create welfare motels in Burlington, Oshawa, St. Catharines, and possibly, Trenton. This may be an attempt to preempt the fractious Ontario Coalition Against Poverty which increasingly resorts to the tactics of civil disobedience and placard waving demonstrations outside the homes of bureaucrats intent on “downsizing” social services. The province of Ontario alone boasts 140 immigrant and refugee services.

Where are the aid organizations and programs to rehabilitate native born Canadians living a pathetic Third World existance in their own country? Presumably, government is too busy with the kind of high-profile good works which really ‘get noticed where it counts.’

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