Well, we did. That’s not really accurate any longer, but let’s assume it is. Why must we open our nation to needy and/or incredibly wealthy immigrants? The media plucks the compassionate or acquisitive heartstring, depending on the needs of the day. Many of us have met people who really struggled and suffered – our parents and grandparents. The Great Depression exists within living memory. Some of those broke new land, fought and died in two world wars, and scrimped, saved and scraped to make something for us.

How gracious to just hand it off. Where did all this guilt come from? (See our conference on brainwashing and mind control techniques) Do any of us imagine that our European legacy was kinder than any other? Given the privations our ancestors survived, its a certifiable miracle that any of us are here today. We endured plague and persevered in the face of serfdom, indentured servitude and yes, even slavery to reach this point where we feel called upon to just give it all away. We’ve been told for 30 years that immigration was exactly what Canada needed. Where are the benefits? Surely there must be something which springs to mind? — Anything at all? During the early settlement of Canada, it was not unusual for a man or woman to marry two or three times in the course of a lifetime.

They did not divorce; their spouses died. During the middle ages, the toll at childbirth was so high that a female’s life expectancy was 24 years. On her wedding day, a young girl’s mother would give her a piece of fine cloth. Six or seven years later it would likely be her shroud. The death toll among Europeans emigrating to Canada was appalling. The death rate among those who survived the voyage was horrific. Nevertheless, Canadians are crippled by constant reminders that our present level of massive taxation, social cut-backs, downsizing and destruction of our nation are an enormous boon we don’t quite deserve.

The benefits we still vaguely remember were earned. Europeans suffered no less than any other group of people on this planet. The difference is that while things are suddenly looking rosy for everyone else, if we persist on this course, Canadians themselves are doomed.

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