The human smuggling trade is expected to generate nearly $10-billion this year alone. That’s twice as much as the Medellin cocaine cartel saw in its best year. According to the RCMP, since 1983, fully 90% of successful refugee claimants have been ‘handled’ by human cargo merchants. Canada is the internationally notorious soft-touch, allowing refugee claims from within our borders. (Elsewhere, such ‘refugees’ are referred to as ‘illegals’). That 90% of refugees CAN afford to pay an exhorbitant fee implies that these claims may not be legitimate. The further fact that identification documents (required to board the plane) have frequently vanished by the time the plane arrives should be enough to send that individual back to the point of embarkation (but is not).

The papers may be trashed mid-flight, but the cost-effective solution is to pass them to a confederate for profitable recycling. Legitimate refugees are left twisting in the wind while spurious claimants eat up quotas – and we turn a blind eye. It’s ironic that the sensitivity patrol is effectively abetting this lucrative trade in human misery when it insists that Canada continue to accept so-called spontaneous arrivals. In 1997, Czech television aired a documentary limning Canada as a giant welfare-trough. While it’s true enough, the author of the documentary rather sheepishly admitted he had not managed to speak with immigration officials in Canada. His rosy reports of welfare-handouts and free housing depended upon interviews with an immigration lawyer, who, coincidentally enough, was later identified as legal council for no less than 50 Gypsy families.

The case of the Gyspy influx is most telling. There are no lingering doubts about Canada’s international-chump status now. Canada felt such confidence in a progressive Czech Republic, we ushered them in NATO just weeks before we were admitting hundreds of their citizens here. Amnesty International spokesman John Tackaberry said the organization has NEVER criticized the Czech government’s treatment of Gypsies (Amnesty’s 1997 report criticized Canada however, on four separate counts). Once again, as per ordinaire, when the Roma came calling, dissenting voices were immediately pummeled as ‘racists’.

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