Have to” being the operative words. It was the Leninists who coined the term ‘poltically correct’. It meant someone who had digested the party-line and could be relied upon to regurgitate it on command. Then a funny thing happened. In short order, it came to indicate someone who was so hide-bound, inflexible and doctrinaire as to be a liability. All this is to suggest that some ideas are just so fundamentally rancid in and of themselves, that no amount of repackaging can ever rehabilitate them.

Today, even the most rabid liberal knows that ‘political correctness’ is a public relations disaster. There are scores of other wrong-headed notions approaching the same emetic saturation point. We really have to begin discrediting every illogical precept we’ve been gulled into repeating ad nauseum, without troubling to examine the concept. Strangely (or perhaps not so strangely) there is often a superannuated Marxist curled up beneathe that ‘anti-racist, pro-immigration, special interest’ veneer. It’s absolutely essential to remember that for corrupt reasons of its own, our government desperately wants this immigration and multiculturation to proceed.

There’s government grant money for anti-racist, pro-immigration and sufficiently noisy ‘special interest’ lobbies. The government has sent a clear message again and again: much will tolerated from these ‘loyal’ shock troops. This has the additional advantage of looking to mainstream, decent Canadians as if they are in the minority, since all the noisy, (influential) people think the current arrangement is ‘just great.’ (Why not? They’re getting paid for it). Let’s begin to exercise a little logic and properly think these things through: Who is likely to benefit from an exaggerated ‘racial intolerance problem’? Immigration reformers? The Heritage Front?

On the contrary, these people have paid dearly for their convictions. Who is likely to cash-in? Who can depend upon an annual raise? Who will see that mortgage paid off just so long as ‘the race problem’ remains ‘widespread, ‘threatening’, ‘ominous’? And hapless Canadians are cast as ‘bad puppy’, always and forever down on all fours, having their noses rubbed in it at every opportunity, and sometimes just for the hell of it.

Forget immigrant gratitude. It’s as good as criminal to suggest any such thing. Gratitude ended with the European immigrant pulling stumps from homestead land. The reward for our generous miscalculation is all too often sneering derision and resentment. As the nearly forgotten saying goes, the advantages don’t mean a thing unless you’ve earned them.

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