Happy Dominion Day.

Dominion Day, 1999 Canadian Association for Free Expression Inc.

Defending Freedom of Speech as

      • Our Heritage
      • Our Right
      • Our Dignity

“A wise nation preserves its records, gathers up its monuments, decorates the tombs of its illustrious dead, repairs its great public structures, and fosters national pride and love of country by perpetual reference to the sacrifices and glories of the past.” – Joseph Howe Premier of Nova Scotia (1860-63)

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-=-=-=-=- PAUL FROMM ON DOMINION DAY -=-=-=-=-

We still cleave to the freedoms for which our forefathers fought and the non-negotiable liberty of thought and expression which are the birthright — not a “privilege” — free men and women.

DOMINION DAY. under the Red Ensign and thrilled by The Maple Leaf Forever, reflected the values of a maturing nation. “Canada Day”, with its ever changing symbols, anthem and flag, And its clownish multicult folly reflects a diminished nation, a hodge-podge of tax slaves, toiling for the New World Order, united by nothing but the pathetic hope that Big Daddy Jean Chretien & Co. will take care of them in their old age, provided they keep their mouths shut.

NO way. That Absurdistan! We, who cherish the dreams of the Dominion of Canada that once was, will strive that its worthy values may prevail yet again. On that question and on the question of freedom of speech, we say: NO SURRENDER!

Paul Fromm


Canadian Association for Free Expression Inc.

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