Blind ideology now governs RCMP hiring policy which blatantly discriminates against white males. The ideology states that the Mounties must accurately reflect the ever changing population makeup, whether or not there are qualified or interested applicants. Further, if diverse groups don’t end up with similar scores on a test, it must be a result of some sort of built-in bias. Thus, “the RCMP entrance exam is being rewritten after some aboriginals and other visible minorities scored lower than other potential recruits, says a report on federal employment equity. ‘Aboriginal applicants to the RCMP tend to have significantly less formal education than applicants from other groups,’ the report says. ‘For some visible minorities there are also likely second-language issues in addition to educational ones.’ … The report cited concerns over subtests involving written composition, logic and computation.” (Toronto Star, January 5, 1997) Aboriginal and visible minority applicants scored less well than others in logic, composition and computation. In a word, they are less qualified. The solution: jigger the tests to produce “equal” results.

Don’t, for heaven sake, suggest that would-be applicants upgrade their skills! The report continued: “‘We have to try to design tests that meet the requirements of the kind of people we’re looking for,’ said Sergeant Mike Gaudet, an RCMP spokesperson in Ottawa..” If you’re unfortunate enough to be a White male, you’d better understand, the Mounties aren’t looking for YOU. “The employment equity report said the RCMP’s recruitment priorities are in descending order: visible minorities, aboriginals, women and Caucasian men.” Apparently, the RCMP raises no objection to benefitting from taxes paid by Caucasian males or, in provinces like B.C., where fanatic Mounties harass speeders, while heroin floods into North America from Asia, they’ll still collect speeding fines from Caucasian males.

Immigration Mess: The Numbers Tell the Story

Of illegals, the self-identified “refugees”, a full “60 per cent now enter the country with fake papers” — a real indicator of their respect for the laws of their prospective homeland! Columnist Douglas Fisher notes “the increasing numbers of new immigrants unable to function in either one of the official languages (up from 5 per cent in the ’70s to 41 per cent in the ’90s). (Ottawa Sun, January 18, 1998) “For the 1997-98 fiscal year, Ottawa is paying $95.6-million for adult language instruction through a programme called Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada, plus $63.3-million more in related programmes. … Ontario … spent $97.6-million for English and French programmes for children who spoke neither language, School boards chipped in $138.6-million. (Globe and Mail, January 20, 1997) Rush to Judgment on Immigration Report But Still Time to Speak Up Interested Canadians may have their best opportunity to speak up to try to shape the immigration policy of this country for years to come. On January 6, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Lucienne Robillard made public a three-person report entitled Not Just Numbers: A Canadian Framework for Future Immigration. A Government of Canada press release states: “Mme Robillard intends to hold, beginning February 27, 1998, five consultation days. … These consultations will be taking place on February 27 in Vancouver, March 2 in Winnipeg, March 3 in Toronto, March 6 in Montreal and March 9 in Halifax.” It seems that the prairies have been forgotten. “All individuals and organizations wishing to be heard must communicate in writing by February 6. All individuals and organizations wishing to present written submissions or opinions have until March 9 to send the documents to:

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