July/August, 2004 (# 166)

Beep, Beep, Here Comes Gim Wong
Beep, beep, here comes Vancouver Chinaman Gim Wong, 82, and another minority hold-up is underway. Wong is riding his motorbike across the country to demand that the Canadian government repay the head tax or admission to Canada levied on Chinese immigrants from 1885 to 1923. The idea was suggested by former B.C. Human Rights Commission head Mary Woo-Sims, whom Doug Collins labelled “that leather-clad lesbian.” “Wong embarked on a cross-country motorbike ride with a dozen other bikers to call on the federal government to make amends for the $23 million in head tax it collected from Chinese workers between 1885 and 1923. Wong, who was born in Canada, said his father and uncles had to pay the head tax when they came to Canada as 11- and 12-year-olds to work on the railroad. ‘They were forced to work for slave wages,’ he said.” (Vancouver Sun, July 2, 2004)

This is another minority attempt to rob the Canadian Majority! The nerve of these people is sickening. They voluntarily paid the head tax. It was the price of admission to Canada. Nobody forced them to come here. They flocked here because they could make more money here than back in some polluted rice paddy in South China. He complains his ancestors worked for “slave” wages. They were no slaves. They could have returned to China. Emboldened by Jews collecting big time for their World War II sufferings, other minorities have jumped on the reparations shakedown bandwagon — the Japanese collected thanks to Mulroney for being interned in WW II; some U.S. negro leaders want trillions of dollars in reparations for slavery.

Your “crap meter” which helps detect nonsense and lies should be beeping over this “head tax” reparations hold-up. The first Chinese came to B.C. in 1858 — not as indentured workers, but as opportunists lured by stories of gold. Indeed, they called the tiny town on the coast, now Vancouver, “gold mountain.”  Our researcher who is preparing an extensive piece for C-FAR’S “Our History, Our Heroes, Our Heritage,” has learned that Chinese recruiters then brought numbers of their countrymen to Canada to work as coolies in the construction of the railroad. Contrary to some of the propaganda currently circulating they did not “build” the railway. They had a minor role. The bulk of the labour, the creative engineering and the financing was, dare we say it, all European. Oh, yes, yet another lie that should have your crap meter squeaking is that there’s a Chinaman buried for every mile of the CPR. Not so. Relatively few Chinese died working on the railroad. Yes, there were many deaths and most of them were Whites.

A study of newspapers of the time demonstrates just how few Chinese actually died in railway work. One of our greatest weaknesses as Europeans  is our susceptibility to false guilt. Minorities know this and use it to create undeserved sympathy and, of course, to soften us up for the next shakedown.

Adventures In The Exploitation Trade
“Some 582 Romanian women  were among a record 880 strippers given work permits last year to table  dance in Canadian girlie bars. … In 2002, 350 dancers were given permits to  bump and grind here, 154  in 2001. … The women are recruited in their homelands  by agents and must undergo a series of checks by Canadian embassy staff to  obtain a visa.” (Toronto Sun, June 25, 2004) Nice work if you can  get it. Let’s check yet another impoverished nation: “Scantily clad dancing  girls are in such demand in Canada that the authorities have offered temporary  work visas to female dancers with documented experience in taking it all off. 

More than 100 Mexican dancers have obtained Canadian work visas in the past five  years, making Mexico the No. 2 exporter of dancers to Canada after Romania,  according to data published by the newspaper Reforma. ‘To grant  the visas (valid up to six months), the Canadian embassy in Mexico, as in other  cities world-wide looks at the photos of the candidates, their resumes, and finds  out if they have the necessary experience,’ the paper reported.” (Agence  France-Presse, May 24, 2004) Now come on, as if all civil servants were furtive weasels in sticky mackintoshes.

Ottawa would like you to  know that “the RCMP is creating a national task force to target foreign  smugglers who traffic in women and children for the sex trade. ‘This is one of  the priorities of the force,’ said Staff-Sgt. Roger Pare, a member of the  force’s immigration and passport unit. … The RCMP estimates about 3,000 women  and children are smuggled yearly into Canada.” (Toronto Sun, June  22, 2004) The rest come here willingly, but only after being very closely  scrutinized by Canadian mission staffers — very closely.

How Could You Not Know?
The predisposition of Canadian politicians to don a kerchief, kippa or clown  hat and leer into the cameras at some ethnic vote-fest or other is well  documented; Paul Martin’s dinner with Tamil Tiger terrorists was  memorable, but Jean Chretien specialized in posing with an assortment of  terrorists and gangsters, and they all do the undignified thing. In the run-up  to the election, it was Immigration Minister Judy Sgro’s turn to show  “extremely poor judgement by accepting an invitation to a birthday party for a  man who has admitted conspiring to smuggle aliens. … Sgro agreed to attend the  70th birthday party of Dudley Laws, a powerful [and windy] community  activist in her York West riding. An immigration emergency kept Sgro from  attending Laws’ party last weekend but she was sorry she missed the event where  she was a scheduled speaker. … Hopefully, Sgro was truly unaware of Laws’  background [said] William Strassberger, a spokesman with the U.S.  Department of Homeland Security.

Laws was convicted on three counts of  conspiring to smuggle illegal aliens into Canada in 1994. He was caught by  undercover police who told him he was smuggling a drug dealer, his  illegal-immigrant girlfriend and two robbers. He appealed his conviction and a  new trial was ordered. The Crown then stayed the charges.” (Toronto  Sun, June 10, 2004) Judy Sgro had a busy campaign — it was she who got  in Stephen Harper’s face yelping about “choice.” Oddly, Canadians are offered no  “choice” at all when it comes to Ms. Sgro’s bailiwick.

How The West Was Lost
Enoch Powell was infinitely more than a single, misunderstood speech. The  boy who was reading Greek at five, would master Hebrew, his 12th language at 70.  In his first year at Trinity College Cambridge, scholarship boy Powell won all  the main classical prizes open to undergraduates — an accomplishment still  unmatched. The outbreak of WWII found Powell teaching in Australia — then the  youngest professor of classics in the developed world. He resigned his post and  returned to Britain and volunteered with his home county regiment. By war’s end,  Powell had distinguished himself as the British Army’s youngest Brigadier  (General) and the only private to have so scaled the ranks. An early mastery of  meticulous scholarship and a natural strategist’s mind allowed him to see  farther than the vast majority of his contemporaries, and it must have seemed  like a good fit when he won a seat in Parliament.

As Health Minister, Powell  (now remembered as an unreconstructed bigot) ushered in many thousand East and  West Indian health professionals but warned that legislation was urgently  needed lest this set off infinite networks of chain migration. Rather early on,  Powell spotted the flaw at the heart of the diverse society theory. Consensus  democracy could only be meaningful within a population that shared enough in  common — language, culture, custom, history and economic interests — for  people to accept governance at each other’s hands. British electoral returns  would bear this out: in 1959, the two major parties (Conservative and Labour) captured 90% of the popular  vote; by 1974, just 75%.

Thus, the more British (or Canadian) society was  changed, the less likely that any single constituent would find his interests  satisfactorily represented in Parliament. Without colossal intellects like  Powell’s (not to mention a scandalously mismanaged open immigration policy), the  democracy deficit in Canada set in early. The total number of Canadians to cast  votes — never mind for which parties — was already lower in the time frames  mentioned: In the 1958 election, just 79.4 Canadians voted;  by 1974, just 71%.  The latest election coaxed an all-time low of just 60% of us out to the polls.  And the message is clear: for the sake of its own survival, the Liberals will  continue to make a pig’s breakfast of the immigration file while redoubling  efforts to vilify upstarts who would question any aspect of that policy —  particularly among the opposition. And don’t expect the mother party to address  any of the issues that threaten Liberal hegemony — proportional representation,  mass ethnic sign-ups, constituency swamping, or any of the extra-legal means by  which the rights of some Canadians are more precious than others. 

1] Percentage of visible minorities in 18 now-Liberal Ontario “905” ridings :  31% (National Post, June 30, 2004)

2] Percentage of visible minorities in the 4 now-Conservative “905” ridings :  5%  (National Post, June 30, 2004)

3] Number of neighbourhoods (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver) where a single ethnic group  comprised more than 30% of the population — in 1981 : 6 (Toronto Star, March 10, 2004)

4] Number of such neighbourhoods — in 2001 : 254 (Toronto Star, March 10, 2004)

5] Rate at which visible minorities are growing : 6X faster than overall  population  (C-News, June 1, 2004)

“Here is the means of showing that the immigrant communities can organize to  consolidate their members, to agitate and campaign against their fellow  citizens, and to overawe and dominate the rest with the legal weapons which the  ignorant and the ill-informed have provided. As I look ahead, I am filled with  foreboding. Like the Roman, I seem to see “the River Tiber foaming with much  blood.” Enoch Powell, 1968

Surviving Multicult: Thoughts of a Disillusioned Teacher
As I look around my classroom and count the number  of European-Canadians, it only takes a second to see that they are far  outnumbered.  In a class of 32, only 8 are of European extraction.   This is not an uncommon sight in the heart of multicultural Mississauga.  I  then ask myself the question:  How does a people die out, or  disappear?  Throughout history, it’s occurred as the result of war,  disease, or natural disaster.  But has a race of people ever killed itself  off knowingly?  Unbelievably, and sadly, it is taking place now, dear  reader.  The peoples of Europe, referred to collectively as the White or  Caucasian race, are dying out as the result of a steady decline in the  birthrate, as well as through the process of miscegenation. 

What is the  solution to this problem?  Some suggest a separation of the races and  others say victory must come through the cradle — there’s strength in  numbers.  To start, I think one has to have a certain worldview which  values the differences among the races.  One’s views ought not to be about  hate, but must be about preservation and pride.  We must not blame others  for the situation our race finds itself in today.  We must be honest and  acknowledge our own flaws and weaknesses.  What has motivated us to create  and invent and colonize?  We’ve been motivated largely, by the prospect of  having more leisure time, wealth, and creature comforts.  We’ve always had  a penchant for the good life.  There will be a price to pay, however, for  this weakness in our character.  Having a proclivity for a life of ease  will catch up to us in the end, if it hasn’t already.  No one wants to do  the dirty work. 

Do we accept the loss of our identity and culture as the  price to be paid for a life of comfort?  The hungry, teeming hordes of  non-Europeans standing at the gate are ready to step in and do whatever is  necessary to survive.  How badly do we want to ensure our own survival as a  race? Those of us aware of this situation must assemble,  associate and spread the dire news. 

Oddly enough, many people do not  acknowledge race as an important issue or cause.  Is it any wonder that the  youth of today, raised on hip-hop, BET (Black Entertainment Television), and an  entertainment industrial complex that embraces anything “colourful” as sexy and says that which is “whitebread” or “vanilla” is decidedly “uncool”, are misguided and  without a sense of racial pride?  Today, in much of the media, to be White  is to be stodgy, bland, traditional, and, therefore, “uncool”.  I hear  students — both White and non-White — calling each other disparagingly,  “white-washed” or “too white”.  Typically, the students at the receiving  end of such epithets, are interested in school and grades.  This, of course,  sends the message, to boys especially, that “it is not cool to be in  school”.  To be intellectual is nerdy and unmasculine. 

Currently, in  the field of education, and I suspect in society at large, there is much concern  about the fact that boys are underachieving in school; i.e.,  they are not  doing well academically, they are dropping out of school at a high rate,  and they are not pursuing post-secondary education as much as they did  even a decade ago.  A poor concept of self is the central  problem.  I see so many White teenagers dumbing themselves down in  order to be included and considered “hip” or “cool”.  In effect, they want  to identify and be one with the non-White kids who have attitude  and portray themselves as being tough — everyone is a wanna-be  gangsta.  The White kids even acquire the broken language and crude  gestures/postures as seen on BET, in an attempt to be included.   (Particularly disgusting is that you see White adults in the media adopting  the euphemisms and expressions of black adolescent hip-hop culture).  

What  will turn the tide?  How will the European-Canadian students  improve their self-concept?  I would recommend that they take up some  extra-curricular reading.  To educate themselves, they need to go  online and visit the many excellent White racialist sites, and follow up on the  links.  Keep in mind, dear reader, that this is literally about  survival.  I firmly believe that the matter at hand is about ensuring  a future for our children, and making sure that they receive their  cultural inheritance intact and not end up subservient to another

race.  A few of my colleagues have confessed in private and behind  closed doors, that they find the huge presence of aliens in the classroom  extremely difficult and challenging.  The classroom has become a  battleground, and, in many ways, I fear we may be losing the war.  We  mustn’t forget (a decadent and degenerate people lose their understanding   of the concept of survival of the fittest) that it’s always about survival  and power.  Nature is the supreme teacher and judge.  A healthy  response to the current crisis is twofold. Firstly, we need to create strong  families.  Secondly, we need to embrace the recent New Orleans Protocol in  a thoughtful manner.  The children of Mother Europa, spread around the  world, are in danger.  The would-be colonizing Third  Worlders are at the  gates.  Know too, that the Semitic tribes — who’ve a long history of  invading — hate us and want to be on top. — Gloria Buckland 

Another Precedent!
In the first half of 2003, refugee cases accounted for 56% of the Federal  Appeal Court, Trial Division’s workload. Add to that criminal cases  involving immigrants and/or refugees, and one way or another, newcomers  monopolized fully 88% of the court’s time. This represented a slight gain over  2002, when combined refugee and or immigrant crime cases accounted for a mere  83% of the court docket. In Ontario, nearly half of legal aid funds are  earmarked for refugee claims (and in 2000, more than 35,000 people entered  Canada, designating themselves as such.

Happily, the more manifestly unfounded  your claim, the more likely you will need legal aid) Another symptom of a  hopelessly constipated legal system is a general forfeiture of the right to a  speedy trial, and in some very special cases, a legal precedent no one ever  anticipated. Convicted in December 2000, a 45-year-old native of Guyana named  Govid Balliram’s “psychotic disorder made him the first person in Canada  to be declared mentally unfit to be sentenced. … Balliram’s mind  snapped during the nine months between his conviction on 10 serious offences,  including sexual assault, and his sentencing date. [He had already run through  three lawyers when the Crown made application for dangerous offender status that  would jail him] indefinitely because of the brutal nature of his crimes,  including the rape of the victim after he duct-taped her leg to her head,  causing severe injuries. … Mr. Balliram was sent to the Centre for  Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, where doctors determined he suffered  from an unspecified psychotic disorder and possibly a sexual  disorder.” (Globe and Mail, June 28, 2004) Only in Canada: A man  duct tapes a woman’s leg to her head to rape her and there is general confusion  among experts whether or not this points to sexual disturbance. 

Khadr Family Values
Married to an al Qaeda terrorist (the big B-Laden attended the  nuptials), Khadr daughter Zaynab complained to the National Post,  “Canadians don’t understand us.” For their part, the Khadrs understand Canada  only too well. The country that would believe anything and accept everything  came through with flying colours whenever the mujahadin family whistled.  Famously, when the late Ahmed Khadr, patriarch, was hospitalized and  facing terrorism charges in Pakistan, Jean Chretien interceded on his  behalf (the Pakistanis were evidently glad to rid themselves of a suspected  terror financier if it really meant so much to the Canadian prime minister). And  it did; over the years, naive or worse bureaucrats would gift the Khadr family  widows ‘n’ orphans scam, Human Concern International, with $325,000 in  tax revenues. (When two Khadr sons were detained in Guantanamo, they could only  communicate by shouting over the building that separated them. The message? Be  sure to stick to the script about the charity.) And, according to the Aug.12,  2002 issue of Maclean’s magazine, in 2000, the average Canadian  taxpayer contributed $6,076 in federal taxes.

Thus, fully 535 Canadians  worked a full year for Ottawa to subsidize the Khadr family jihad operation.  When Khadr matriarch, Maha Elsamnah, arrived back in Canada with  paralytic son, 14-year-old Karim, in tow, she was looking for the usual  freebie health care, but wanted to share concerns about the effects of deviant  Canadian society on her junior jihadis. The bluster subsided when an on-line  petition appeared arguing against handing out medicare to a kid wounded in an al  Qaeda shoot out with Pakistani counterterrorism forces (in which Karim was  crippled and his father died). Elsamnah was even more subdued when the government  that had catered so lovingly turned on them: Ontario Child Services  expressed its intention to investigate the fitness of a parent urging martyrdom  on offspring.

The entire family exists now in some kind of bizarre legal limbo, unable to acquire permanent passports (after “losing” so many), and, according to  the media at least, at odds with big wheels in the Moslem community who had gone  out on a limb for them so often, only to discover that this really was an al  Qaeda family. Jihad camp graduate turned CIA snitch Abdurahman Khadr is now suing Ottawa for refusing to issue him a passport. As a postscript, readers wondering why mother and daughter have  different last names should know that Moslem women retain the father’s name.  This is hardly some eastern form of feminism; paternity is so central tobasic cultural  tenets  that adoption — no clue to the paternal line — is un-Islamic. Imams weigh in on  the curious habit American blacks have adopted of taking on Moslem names because  they sound good. In order to trace the all-important paternal bloodline,  Cassius Clay for instance, should have been Mohammed Ali Clay and  nothing else.


There Goes The Neighbourhood
A fire in Toronto’s Markham area “gutted the $345,000 house and neighbouring homes sustained flooding and water damage, Det.-Sgt. Karen Noakes, of York region’s drug and vice enforcement bureau, said yesterday.  A 22-year-old resident of the home was arrested at the scene.  Wei Can Xie is charged with possession of a controlled substance for the purposes of trafficking, and producing a controlled substance.  … Noakes said a study by a B.C. insurance company found the chances of a fire breaking out are 40 times higher than normal in a marijuana grow house.  … Clues your neighbour may be growing drugs, include little or no human activity, neglected lawns and gardens, covered windows, condensation on windows, people coming and going at odd hours, cars pulling directly into garages, and lights on 24 hours a day.”  (Toronto Sun, May 15, 2004)

Death By Gold Chain
“A robber was handed a life sentence yesterday for fatally stabbing a man who  was trying to retrieve a gold chain [which the thief had already] taken from a  youth. ‘The offence was barbaric and cannot be tolerated in our society,’  Justice Faye McWatt said in ordering ‘Anthony’ Olarenwju  Onigbinde, 26, to serve at least 12 years before he can apply for parole.  Onigbinde confronted Azmal Hossain, 16, … on Aug. 13, 2002, then ripped  a gold chain off his neck. Hossain asked Muhunthan Kulasingham, 22, to  help. When he approached Onigbinde to retrieve the chain, the robber suddenly  plunged a knife into his heart and lung, killing him instantly. In April, a jury  convicted the Nigerian immigrant of second-degree murder.” (Toronto  Sun, July 1, 2004) We will probably never be privileged to know what immigration authorities thought Onigbinde might contribute to this Dominion, other than his skill in stabbing people.

Speaking Of All That Glitters
“Spanish national Juan Ramon Fernandez didn’t flinch when  Mr. Justice Joseph Kenkel hit him with a 12-year prison term  for a half-dozen gangland charges, including conspiring to murder a 460-pound  rival fitness club owner.  However, the mobster became visibly upset when  he heard that he might not get back all of his jewellery, including watches,  bracelets and a gold chain with a cross.  ‘It’s not just a bracelet,’  Fernandez, 47, said from the Plexiglass enclosed prisoners box, where his wrists  were bound with steel handcuffs.  …A separate hearing on the fate of the  jewellery, confiscated during his arrest in September 2002, will be held on July  8.  Federal prosecutor Rosemary Warren told court she  wants to be satisfied that none of the jewellery is stolen before handing it  back to him.  … Fernandez has been deported to Spain twice.   Each time, he managed to slip back into the Toronto underworld.”   (Toronto Star, June 30, 2004)


To Make The Flesh Crawl
Remember the Canada that was?  Unlocked doors and milk cartons advertising milk, not abducted children.  Winter was an inescapable fact of life, but our fortunes neither rose nor fell with it.  Now, “manufacturers and drugstore owners say a mild winter has led to more outbreaks of head lice and a run on the medicated shampoo to treat the condition.  … ‘We’re totally sold out,’ said a pharmacist at a downtown [Toronto] store.”  (National Post, February 11, 2002)  “A survey of 27 Windsor pharmacies uncovered not one bottle of lice shampoo.  That situation is repeated across Ontario, where manufacturers say the mild winter has led to more outbreaks.  Pfizer Canada has had to reroute supplies of Nix from other parts of the country to Ontario because of the high lice infestation. 

At Roseland Public School, Harriet Stone said: ‘The lice are much harder to get rid of once there’s an infestation.’  … Judy Palesh, an intake nurse at the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit, has seen a steady stream of five to 12 cases a week since the summer.  She believes an overuse of lice shampoos over the past 10 to 15 years has produced ‘head lice with the ability to become resistant.'”  (National Post, February 12, 2002)  In Canada’s largest city, it is now standard practice to send kiddies home from their first-ever school day, not with a childishly scrawled card reading “I love you Mummy and Daddy,” but a much more inclusive momento: an advisory to primary child-care providers on coping with head lice.  The condition, properly known as pediculosis, is now endemic in Canada. 

With more than 400,000 cases reported annually, it is the second most common communicable infection among children after the common cold, and it would be worse if parent volunteers were not conducting scalp examinations in the schools.  Resistance to standard treatments means that we’ll soon be seeing stronger pesticidal shampoos — or super lice (yet since 1944, over 1400 suspected cases of adverse health reactions ranging from leukemia, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, cancer, epilepsy, and even death, have been filed with the American National Pediculosis Association). 

But an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of permethrin: a Toronto-based group, Lice Busters, encourages “female students to keep their hair tied back or in tight braids, all students to avoid hair to hair contact (lice cannot jump or fly but can crawl from hair to hair), to ‘keep coats and hats in duffel bags or big plastic bags [on cloakroom hooks] instead of letting them touch each other and to keep hats inside coat sleeves.'”  (Canoe, June 12, 2001)  Lice Busters endorses a “no nit” policy; that is, kids with eggs, drifts of grey shells, or whatever in their hair are sent home with a letter.  Another letter advises the parents of classmates to be extra vigilant.  The approach has been hugely successful, but some schools find the strategy insensitive and stigmatizing. 

Toronto’s St. Pius X School Parent Newsletter #3, November 19, 2001, insists: “One of the worst ‘problems’ of head lice is the attitude of adults.  Misconceptions and misinformation lead to over-reactions, excessive exposure to pesticides, anger and embarrassment.  This sends a negative message to children and puts undue pressure on parents and school staff.  Emphasize to your child that lice are merely annoying and not dangerous or shameful.”

Chinese Restaurants Closed for Roaches & Other Vermin
Bon Appetit! The complete list of restaurants closed down at the outset of Toronto’s  February, 2000 health blitz read as a curious tribute to multiculturalism:

Beemah East Indian Restaurant
-Mr. Wong’s Super Buffet
-The Golden Embassy,
-India Town Food and Spice
-Wah Too, Scarborough Grand Seafood
-Pok Lo Malaysian
-ABC Breadco

Oh, the joys of “diversity”, where different cultures bring their “diverse” standards of hygiene to a neighbourhood near you! In the intervening four-and-a-half years, public health authorities have laboured mightily to get a simple message across: If you sell food, you have to at least try to maintain minimum standards of cleanliness.  Whatever. 

“An entire food court in Toronto’s Chinatown district was shut down yesterday. The restaurants are:

-Dragonball Deli
-Dragon Pearl Restaurant*
-Golden Bull,
-Cantonese Seafood Stir Fry*
-Chu Kwong Restaurant*
-Jan Bao Delight

Among other problems discovered beyond kitchen doors were ‘heavy mouse infestations,’ ‘mouse droppings in kitchens,’ ‘live cockroaches in kitchens’ and a rat infestation in the garbage room,’ including one live rat spotted by an inspector during the inspection.  [The businesses marked with an asterisk were also cited for failing to provide a place for employees to wash hands.] Toronto Public Health inspection records show that all six food outlets have [long acquaintance with the department.]  Dragon Pearl Restaurant, for example, has had six ‘conditional pass’ notices since August, 2002.”

The restaurant was convicted and fined $300 in 2002 for failing to ‘protect food from contamination’ and health inspectors have issued seven court summons and two tickets since last year for food temperature, sanitation and maintenance violations.  … Dragonball Deli has also received six yellow conditional pass ratings since August, 2002, including eight summonses and two tickets for employee hygiene, food contamination and sanitary infractions.  In May, Cantonese Seafood Stir Fry was convicted and fined  $180 on two tickets related to food contamination and sanitation infractions.  Golden Bull has had three yellow conditional pass ratings since December, 2002, for a range of problems including ‘failing to ensure food is not contaminated/adulterated,’ ‘failure to properly wash equipment,’ and ‘inadequate food temperature control.’  In March, health inspectors ticketed the restaurant for failing to ‘properly wash surfaces in rooms.'”  (Toronto Star, June 30, 2004)

The bad news for Toronto diners is that some restaurants evidently see fines of $180 or even $300 as just another cost of doing business.  As of June 1st, a legion of health inspectors have been diverted to sniff out smokers.  And with smoking fines to restauranteurs ranging from $255 to $5,000, why sniff out rat-infested kitchens?  There seems to be some confusion among the PC classes about the relative threats posed by, say, a puff of smoke, or your cook’s quick trip to the washroom, after which he neglects to wash his hands — an ideal delivery system for a case of hepatitis A.  Hepatitis B, or serum hepatitis, is transmitted through body fluids — not entirely  improbable where kitchen knives and nicks are commonplace.  According to the  Centres for Disease Control, (CDC HIV/STD/TB News Update, August 23, 2001) fully two-thirds of China’s 1.26-billion people are infected with hepatitis!

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