“Possession of hate propaganda for the purposes of distributing it to others could soon be a crime. The measure is among several planned Criminal Code reforms aimed at toughening laws against the spread of hatred. The package will include specific new penalties for the desecration of churches, cemeteries and other institutions. … It would also include a Criminal Code revision allowing police to seize computer hard drives containing hate propaganda. Another move would prevent those charged with promoting hatred from using the defence of truth based on denial of the Holocaust or any other historically recognized act of genocide.

Federal and provincial justice ministers quietly agreed to the changes recently during a meeting in Regina. ‘There was unanimous support for the principles here, that hate-motivated violence is something that we condemn,’ said Pierre Gratton, press secretary to Justice Minister Anne McLellan.” (National Post, November 25, 1998) Readers will note the sneaky verbal shell game. It isn’t violence that’s being legislated against — it’s already illegal — it’s dissident thought! Being added to the list of privileged minorities will be “sex, sexual orientation, age, mental or physical disability. … Federal justice officials are studying the planned revisions with the aim of bringing in legislation next year, Mr. Gratton said [November 24].” Religious conservatives should note that condemnations of homosexuality could well land them in jail. Canada, like most totalitarian regimes, will be adopting state-authorized history — a sort of secular religion. TRUTH WILL BE NO DEFENCE in questioning the Hollywood version of World War II.

“The provision will make it easier to crack down on hatemongers while protecting the right of people to openly discuss controversial issues, said Ujjal Dosanjh, British Columbia attorney general, who has been pushing for the adoption of the new measures.” The Punjabi chop-logic of the Indian-born B.C. politician is mind-numbing. You protect people’s right to discuss controversial issues by seizing their computers, jailing people for possessing quantities of “hate” literature, and making truth no defence in discussing certain matters.

That’s the sort of “freedom” they enjoy in Pyongyang! Sikh moderate Tara Singh Hayer was shot and wounded by a radical Sikh gunman in 1988. This year, the fearless journalist was again subject to frequent death threats over the chairs and tables controversy in Sikh temples. Shockingly, he seemed to have received no special protection from police in B.C., who are his co-religionist Dosanjh’s responsibility. Apparently, Dosanjh is too busy trying to close down free speech rallies and gag immigration critics. The shameless Dosanjh, nevertheless, said the following at Hayer’s funeral: “The attempt to silence people in the community has … been continuing for some time. I think what we need to do, rather than engage in ceondemnation of people who might differ from us … is create a culture of acceptance of diversity of views.”

(The Province, Vancouver, November 29, 1998) What, by “hate laws” and censorship? This story warns that the arrogant feds are determined to impose special interest censorship on thinking Canadians. However, these ideas are not yet legislation. If you care about freedom, CALL or WRITE your MP. Even more important, go and see him/her over the Christmas parliamentary recess. In decent terms, explain that you cherish freedom of expression and debate. All historical questions must be open for discussion. There can be no sacred cows. What sort of “truth” cannot stand challenge and debate? Secondly, sign our petition which will be presented to her in Ottawa. Thirdly and most importantly – write, e-mail or FAX the Justice Minister:

    • Anne McLellan c/o House of Commons Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0A6. . Telephone: (613) 992-4524; Fax: (613) 996-4516; Email:

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