DOUG CHRISTIE BARRED FROM HOUSE OF COMMONS! In the great style of Stalin the Canadian Parliament has once again barred another person from using the press conference room on Parliament Hill. First it was Ernst Zundel who scheduled a press conference to talk about his treatment at the hands of the “Human Rights” Commission. And to speak of the ruling by the “Human Rights” Tribunal, which ruled that TRUTH IS NO DEFENCE!

A unanimous decision barred Zundel from entering the precincts of Parliament for that sitting of the house. On January 19, 1998, Doug Christie, the Battling Barrister from British Columbia scheduled a press conference in the same conference room on Parliament Hill. He showed up in the morning and was denied entry to the House. According to Gilbert Parent the house speaker, Doug Christie was barred because he is an “employee” of Ernst Zundel, and the same ruling used in the Zundel case was used against Christie, even tho the Zundel ruling *ONLY* barred Zundel for *THAT* sitting of Parliament.

When Christie wanted to have the press conference it was a *NEW* sitting of Parliament, thus the house ban would have been finished months before and *CAN NOT* be used by the forces of censorship to silence Doug Christie. But as we all know, truth, justice and liberty never stand in the way of the Liberals.


Canadian Free Speech League Press Conference Douglas Christie, General Counsel for the Canadian Free Speech League, will speak and answer questions at the: Charles Lynch Press Gallery in the Center Block of the Parliament Building on Tuesday January 19, 1999 10:00 a.m. His topic will be the denial of truth as a defence to a human rights charge, which has happened in the Ernst Zundel case, and is proposed by the provincial attorney-generals in criminal charges under section 319 of the Criminal Code. Mr. Christie will point out the dangers of such amendments to the Criminal Code. He maintains: “The Human Rights Tribunal in the case of Ernst Zundel has created the most obscene precedent by denying not only the defence of truth, but even preventing the Commission’s own witness from saying that truth would remove a statement from an offence.

The provincial Attorney’s General recommended in October 1998 that truth be removed as a defence from the promotion of hatred. The nation that can make telling the truth an offence has surrendered all moral authority. It is a disgrace to call such a country free or democratic.” Mr. Christie appears as the General Counsel of the Canadian Free Speech League, a federally-incorporated society whose goal is the maintenance and preservation of freedom of speech. -30- Canadian Free Speech League, 810 Courtney Street, Victoria, B.C. VOW 1C4; phone:250-385-1022


The Herald News Briefs Christie banned | The Calgary Herald <National Post | January 22, 1999 Former Liberal condemns barring of Zundel’s lawyer Independent MP John Nunziata has condemned Commons Speaker Gilbert Parent’s “outrageous” decision to ban Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel’s lawyer from Parliament. Mr. Parent banned Victoria lawyer Douglas Christie from the parliamentary precincts earlier this week to prevent him from using a Parliamentary Press Gallery news theatre to comment on recent demands to amend Canada’s hate laws. An aide to Mr. Parent, press secretary Heather Bradley, said Mr. Parent banned Mr. Christie because he is representing Mr. Zundel in a legal action against all the political parties and their leaders for a ban the Commons imposed against him last June.

As well, government House leader Don Boudria said Mr. Christie was banned because he is merely Mr. Zundel’s “messenger” and allowing him into Parliament would have been the same as allowing Mr. Zundel into the buildings. Mr. Nunziata said yesterday the ban against both Mr. Christie and Mr. Zundel, who was also barred from the buildings to prevent him from using a news theatre in the Centre Block, violates freedom of speech guaranteed in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. “It’s totally and completely outrageous,” exclaimed Mr. Nunziata, also a lawyer. “It’s political correctness gone mad. They have to be reminded we live in a democracy.” Mr. Nunziata fired off a letter to Mr. Parent and distributed it by e-mail to the offices of all MPs, demanding to know the reasons for the ban against both Mr. Zundel and Mr. Christie and asking Mr. Parent to explain the threat they posed to Parliament. “On what basis did you conclude that it was justifiable to suspend constitutional rights?” Mr. Nunziata, a former Liberal, asked Mr. Parent. “Would you also indicate whether there are any precedents for denying access to Parliament Hill based on a person’s views.” As of yesterday afternoon, Mr. Parent had not yet replied to Mr. Nunziata.


Parliamentary ban by Parent alarms civil-liberties officials Tim Naumetz (Southam News) National Post | January 20, 1999 The Speaker of the House of Commons claims that all parties backed him in banning Ernst Zundel’s lawyer from the Parliament buildings Gilbert Parent, the Speaker of the House of Commons, was wrong to ban the lawyer for Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel from the parliamentary precincts this week, a spokesman for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association said yesterday. Alan Borovoy, the association’s general counsel, said Mr. Parent issued what appears to be an arbitrary edict that ignored basic standards of fairness when he extended a previous ban against Zundel to his lawyer, Douglas Christie. “Parliament ought to be governed by the standards of fairness and due process that have been the hallmarks of democratic societies,” Mr. Borovoy said, after Mr. Parent’s officials prevented Mr. Christie from entering Parliament. Last week, Mr. Christie booked an appearance for Tuesday in a news theatre administered by the Parliamentary Press Gallery. The gallery, which has accepted bookings by Mr. Christie and Zundel, says any group or individual may use the room to comment on issues of national importance.

Last June, press gallery directors had refused to cancel Zundel’s booking for the news theatre. However, he was subsequently banned from the building outright. Mr. Christie said he wanted to use the gallery to issue a statement about Zundel’s hate-literature case before a Canadian Human Rights tribunal in Toronto, and about laws against the promotion of hatred. Mr. Parent’s press secretary, Heather Bradley, said the Speaker extended the ban to include Mr. Christie after House leaders for all five parties in the Commons agreed to support the action. While the Commons approved the ban against Zundel by adopting a motion from Don Boudria, the government House leader, there was no record of Mr. Parent’s ruling on Mr. Christie, or any written reasons for the decision. A senior Commons official verbally informed the press gallery that Mr. Christie would not be allowed into the building, while Ms. Bradley, accompanied [by] Commons security guards, informed Mr. Christie of the development when he arrived on Parliament Hill for his news conference. Hansard, the official record of Commons debate, contains a brief record of the motion against Zundel, but the reference does not include any reason for the decision. “As far as I know, there are no criteria governing access to Parliament for these purposes,” said Mr. Borovoy. “There is a great risk of being arbitrary, and Parliament should be governed by standards of fair play and due process. Those are the norms of democratic governments.”

Mr. Boudria said he agreed to ban Mr. Christie because he is acting for Zundel, even though he did not know what the lawyer planned to say at his news conference. “It would have been somewhat incongruous to say Mr. Zundel can’t enter the House of Commons to give a press conference, but he can pay someone else to do the same thing,” said Mr. Boudria. “In terms of what the content of his speech was, I have no idea.” Mr. Boudria added no citizen has an automatic right to enter the parliamentary buildings, and Commons security has “a list as long as my arm” of people who have been prohibited from entering the premises, generally for security reasons. He said the public, in effect, seeks permission, even for tours, by going through a security screening station. Heather Bradley said Zundel and Mr. Christie could have used the media theatre in the National Press Building across the street from Parliament Hill, but did not.


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