first poster announces an October 23 “Rock Against Harris Concert.” There is the logo of the communist star and the words “Rock Against Racism”. The graphics show a profile of Adolf Hitler in the background, then former Alabama Governor George Wallace, and, in the foreground, Premier Harris! What possible connection could even a demented person make between Premier Harris and Hitler or Wallace? The juxtapositioning of these pictures is a clear incitement to violence — to serious harm against the Premier.
Hitler died of a gunshot wound, a suicide.The ARA seem obsessed with Hitler’s violent end. If you check out their website, you’ll find a poster graphic of a crude picture of Hitler with a gun in his mouth and the slogan: “Follow your leader”. Gov. George Wallace was the victim of an assassination attempt that left him paralyzed and effectively ended his aspirations for the U.S. presidency.
Premier Harris’ picture as the third in this trio would seem to indicate a grotesque call for his assassination. Just in case the message of violence escapes anyone, the alleged acts to appear at this “Rock Against Racism” are the “Drop Dead Beats”, “Politikill Incorrect” and “Random Killing”. Is this poster consistent with the Council requirement, passed July 4, in giving them the $8,000 grant, that they provide “written clarification of their policy respecting the use of force and violence in achieving their objectives”?
The second poster “Shut the Nazi Down!” also seems to promise breaking the law. It calls people out for a 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. picket outside the office/home of Ernst Zundel on October 25. “Anti-Racist Action will be shutting down a nazi business right in the heart of Toronto. …
Be young, have fun and smash racism.”
It may be the ARA’s right to peacefully picket Zundel or anyone else they wish, but the promise to “smash” racism and “shut” him down smacks of violence. It’s hard to understand how, without a permit ARA could hold a promised “kosker barbecue” on busy Carlton Street.
The words are highly suggestive of firebombs and other illegal acts, an impression further strengthened by another ARA poster about town urging participants to :”Make a fashion statement! Bring your balaklava!!!” Would people intent on peaceful protest be planning to wear such disguises more usually associated with airplane hijackers and bank robbers? I urge you to call on Metro Police to act on CSIS’s clear statement that the ARA perpetrated the May 7, 1995 firebombing of Ernst Zundel’s house and to seek immediate counsel as to whether the statements in these posters violate the Criminal Code as to incitement to commit a crime.

Sincerely yours, Paul Fromm

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