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Issue: Canada Customs



Canadian Government Customs have embarked on an all-out persecution of populist political dissent. Using broad regulations for the seizure of so-called hate propaganda , they have, over the past few years, made hundreds of seizures of books, tapes, and even booklists. Many of these items have been declared hate propaganda , banned and forfeited to the person importing them.

The time for the state censors to make their final determination after seizure of the goods can take up to a year.

In a recent incident, Canadian Association for Free Expression Director Paul Fromm, having crossed into the U.S.A. after a speech in southern B.C., had a large bag of books containing 98 titles, seized on his return to Canada. All titles were seized as potential hate propaganda . See our press release here.

Suspicious titles included:

  • The Irish Fairy Tale Book: Myth and Romance from the Old World
  • The Breakdown of the Criminal Justice System in Canada by former B.C. Judge Les Bewley
  • The Evil Empire: Globalization’s Darker Side by former Liberal cabinet minister Paul Hellyer
  • Our Home or Native Land: What Government’s Aboriginal Policy is Doing to Canada by Melvin Smith, QC, a constitutional adviser to four successive B.C. governments
  • Stalking the Wild Taboo by Prof. Garrett Hardin, a world renounced ecologist from the University of California at Santa Santa Barbara
  • The Cult of the Victim by Prof. Ken Hilborn of the University of Western Ontario
  • The Hate Crimes Law in Canada, 1970-1994: Effects and Operation by lawyer Barbara Kulaszka, LL.B., M.L.S.
  • By the Numbers, a popular U.S. immigration reform video by Roy Beck

The books and tapes were valued at close to $1,500.00.

In another development, the Customs Censors have now started banning novels. Ingrid Rimland,Ph.D. is a U.S. citizen. A German Mennonite born in the Ukraine, she is a published novelist who recently published a massive 3-volume novel Lebensraum. It traces the history of the last 200 years as it affects the German Mennonites who were invited by the Czar to settle in the Ukraine in the 18th century.

Many persons who ordered this trilogy have had their order seized. The censors’ decision to ban this trilogy has been unusually swift. One seizure on April 20, 1998 belonging to Dennis Shaw of B.C. was sent to Ottawa and a decision dated May 12, 1998 announced the trilogy was banned as hate propaganda. This anonymous judgement on an historical novel over 1,550 pages long took less than three weeks!

Canada has become an intellectual Cuba del Norte, a stronghold of politically correct censorship and hostility to free expression.


Canada-bound travellers crossing the U.S.-Canada border should avoid being in possession of ANY political, social or cultural literature as it may be seized by Canada’s zealous Customs censors.

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