C-FAR is short for Citizens for Foreign Aid Reform Inc., which was incorporated as a non-profit educational organization in the Province of Ontario in 1979.


Basically, C-FAR believes that Canada’s foreign aid and immigration policy do not reflect the will of the overwhelming majority of people. Polls repeatedly show, for instance, that 75% of Canadians oppose the government’s present immigration policy and its efforts to radically change Canada’s demographic makeup. We are populists who believe in majority rule. We’d like to see foreign aid and immigration policy and, indeed, all other major government policies, decided, as in Switzerland, by initiative referenda. FOREIGN AID: C-FAR was founded by men and women opposed to the horrific guilt trip being caused by self- interested people in government, the churches and the aid industry in the 1970s. Ordinary Canadians were being made to feel guilty because Third World people went hungry. Somehow it was our fault. Therefore, more and more foreign aid was being demanded. We argued then as we argue now, that Canada cannot afford the present expenditure of close to $2.5 billion in aid. We are nearly financially broke. We have a crushing deficit and a huge national debt. We simply cannot afford present foreign aid spending. Also, foreign aid often props up the very bad habits of people and government that have led to poverty in the first place. Canada donated hundreds of millions of dollars to India, while it has submarines and missiles and an army and navy that puts us to shame. Why should productive Canadians be taxed to help poor Indians who are poor because their government chooses to spend on a big military? For more detailed discussion on what’s wrong with foreign aid, check out our C-FAR NEWSLETTERS or buy a copy of Down the Drain? A Critical Re-examination of Canadian Foreign Aid ($6.00). IMMIGRATION: Canada’s present immigration policy is insane. Unemployment continues to hover close to 10%. yet, we continue to bring in over 225,000 people a year. Many immigrants that come into Canada have little education, few skills, and little or no knowledge of English. They come through the “family reunification programme,” or as self-styled “refugees.” People can simply show up in Canada and declare that they are refugees. Immediately, they are given welfare, legal aid, medicare, and other benefits. many of these self-styled “refugees” are frauds. Many foreign criminals manage to sneak into Canada. The present Canadian policy seems to favour immigration from the Third World – the more diverse, the better. However, repeated polls show that this isn’t what Canadians want. We believe that there should be a 5-year moratorium on immigration to Canada to let us deal with unemployment and to absorb those who have come already. For a more detailed discussion of our views on immigration, check out The Canadian Immigration Hotline on this website.


We’re both a publishing group and a lobbying group. Change will only come through greater public awareness. NEWSLETTERS We publish a monthly newsletter, the C-FAR Newsletter, which deals with foreign aid, government spending, and government policy in Canada. A subscription is $16.00 per year. We also publish The Canadian Immigration Hotline monthly. It deals with immigration matters and keeps track of some of the scandalous results of Canada’s open-door policies. A subscription is $16.00 per year.


Research Director Paul Fromm with Robert Jarvis, author of _The Workingman’s Revolt_

Since 1981, we have published a number of readable booklets on important issues in Canadian politics. Among our authors are Doug Collins – IMMIGRATION: PARLIAMENT VERSUS THE PEOPLE; Professor W. Harding Ale Riche – _WHY AFRICA IS POOR_; journalist Peter Brimelow – _THE ENEMIES OF FREEDOM_; researcher Robert Jarvis — _THE WORKINGMAN’S REVOLT: THE VANCOUVER ASIATIC EXCLUSION RALLY OF 1907_; and Professor Kenneth Hilborn – THE CULT OF THE VICTIM and his new booklet _THE QUEST FOR “EQUALITY”_ ($6.00 – just published). These titles and many others can be ordered from our booklist at this website.


Since January, 1979, C-FAR has held a regular monthly meeting in the Toronto area. These meetings, always featuring a speaker, we call the “Alternative Forum.” Most of our speakers present ideas that are alternatives to the present stifling “politically correct” orthodoxy. Most of their talks are available on audio cassette. Among the outstanding speakers we’ve had over the years are former MPs Alvin Hamilton (the author of John Diefenbaker’s Northern Vision), Don Benkarn, and Al MacBain. We’ve sponsored many noted writers and academics – Professor Kenneth H.W. Hilborn of the University of Western Ontario, the late Prof. James Barros, the author of _No Sense of Evil_, and Dr. Wayne Lutton, author of _The Immigration Invasion_.

All our meetings feature an extensive display of literature.


We also sponsor regular cross-Canada speaking tours to cities such as Montreal, Ottawa, Windsor, London, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria and Salmon Arm, and other cities, on occasion. Our Research Director, Paul Fromm, is a frequent speaker. however, we have also sponsored tours by journalist Doug Collins, author Dr. Wayne Lutton and Professor Kenneth Hilborn. In 1986, we sponsored a five-city speaking tour of journalist Peter Brimelow who had just written _The Patriot Game: National Dreams and Political Reality_.

Dr. Wayne Lutton, introduced by Steve Dumas

Dr. Lutton in Toronto

Professor Ken Hilborn in Toronto

Ron Leitch, President of APEC, speaks to Alternative Forum

Doug Collins at forum in Toronto


We have an exciting message and C-FAR personnel have never hesitated to speak to other groups or participate in interviews and open the line shows from Halifax to Victoria.

Research Director Paul Fromm on Dave Rutherford radio/television show in Calgary

Paul Fromm interviewed on Fr. Nicholas Gruner’s television show


From time to time, C-FAR sponsors conferences on immigration. In 1988, C-FAR sponsored the Population & Immigration Conference on succeeding weekends in Vancouver and Toronto. In October, 1993, C-FAR sponsored another conference in Toronto on immigration and population matters, featuring world-renowned scholar, Dr. Garrett Hardon (_The Tragedy of the Commons_ and _Living Within Limits: Ecology, Economics, and Population Taboos), and _North Shore News_ columnist Doug Collins. Dr. Hardin also spoke in Ottawa, Hamilton and London, Ontario.

Dr. Garrett Hardin

Dr. Hardin, Paul Fromm & Doug Collins