The Cult of the Victim: Leftist Ideology in the ’90s by Kenneth H.W. Hilborn.

How various groups use “victimhood” to extort advantage and preference.

NEW. $5.00.

The Workingman’s Revolt: The Vancouver Asiatic Exclusion Rally of 1907 by Robert Jarvis.

Original research about an organization whose demonstrations and lobbying kept Canada and B.C. European for 50 years.


Immigration: Parliament Versus the People by Doug Collins, Revised and updated.

The West Coast scourge of pompous politicians shows how Canada’s immigration policy threatens our heritage and flies in the face of the will of the overwhelming majority of Canadians.


Immigration: Where Canada’s Forefathers Stood by Alex Greer, B.A.

Conclusively disproves the myth that Canada is a “multi- cultural” country. Canada’s founding peoples, regardless of their economic differences, saw this country as a European nation. A valuable antidote to multicultural propaganda.


The Komagata Maru Incident: A Canadian Immigration battle revisited by Robert Jarvis.

B.C.’s battle against illegal immigration in 1914. The story of an unsung Canadian hero, William Hopkinson.



The Philosophy of the Count de Gobineau by G.M. Spring.

Insights of a pioneer in race and population. The count was a well-travelled French diplomat.


The Racial Origins of the Founders of America

based on Madison Grant’s seminal works with photographic illustrations of “Old Americans” by Ales Hrdlicka.


Theodore Roosevelt on Race, Riots, Reds and Crime by Archibald Roosevelt.

Some seldom published views of Teddy Roosevelt. His support for racially-oriented immigration controls, suppression of riots, reds and crime.


Our Home or Native Land by Mel Smith, Q.C.

A damning indictment of the “Indian industry,” the land claims scams and the volcano of costs that will bury taxpayers.


The Great Sex Divide by Glenn Wilson.

Eminent psychologist examines accumulated evidence of innate psychological differences between men and women. Expose false assumptions of radical feminism.


The Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail.

BACK IN PRINT IN PAPERBACK. New. introduction and criticisms. A masterpiece. Predicted the Third World invasion of the West. Demonstrates the pitiful weakness of the West in the face of a “peaceful” invasion. Prophetic.


Living Within Limits: Ecology, Economics and Population Taboos by Garrett Hardon.

Renowned scholar’s cogent analysis of overpopulation, immigration and sensible environmentalism. Hardcover.

NEW. $35.00.

Nemesis at Potsdam: The Expulsion of the Germans from the East by Alfred de Zayas.

The brutalization, starvation and expulsion of 15 million Germans, 1945-1948. You won’t find this tragedy commemorated in Hollywood docudramas.

Paperback. $12.00.

A Terrible Revenge: The Ethnic Cleansing of the East European Germans, 1944-1950 by Alfred de Zayas.

Photos. The heart-breaking story of the war crimes and genocide perpetrated against expulsion, starvation and brutalization of the Germans in the East.


Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster by Peter Brimelow.

Pat Buchanan’s immigration bible. _TORONTO STAR_ calls it scary — “a controversial new book that argues the United States is risking its sovereignty by taking too many non-white immigrants.”

New. Hardcover. $33.00.

Race, Evolution and Behaviour by J. Phillipe Rushton.

Why are races different? How different are they? The book the censors want to stop. Hardcover. 63 illustrations.


The Great War of Words

British, American and Canadian Propaganda and Fiction, 1914-1933. Examines anti-German bias. Hardcover.


A Nation of Victims

The Decay of the American Character by Charles J. Sykes. Victimology skewered with a stiletto.

Hardcover. $20.00.

The Natural Law of Race Relations by Laszio F. Thomay.

Canadian author surveys minority groups around the world and determines laws that seem to govern majority/minority relations. Bad news for our multicult and immigration policies.


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