On Saturday, December 9, about two dozen members of the terrorist group ARA (Anti-Racist Action) showed what “anti-racism” is all about — terror, vulgarity and silencing of free thinkers. The two dozen stormed a downtown Toronto restaurant just as subscribers to C-FAR began to gather to hear a talk by Northern Foundation executive member Steve Dumas and to have a little bit of Christmas cheer.

The motley crew of punks, anarchists and freaks, many with rings in their noses, invaded the meeting, chanting some nonsense about “Nazis” and tossing some food in the direction of a book table. Despite being told to leave this private gathering, the horde spat at the owner, slapped an old lady and generally spat at anyone who took exception to their gutter behaviour.

Eventually, the police — it took 10 minutes for Metro’s finest to show up — removed the foul-mouthed thugs, However, they continued to pound on the restaurant’s plate glass window and shout obscenities into the air. The meeting was adjourned an alternate location. The police response was disappointing: Why would it take so long to respond to a terrorist attack in the heart of downtown Toronto? Why were no trespass or assault charges laid against the ARA terrorists? What’s Metro Intelligence doing? The ARA are a known terrorist group, with a long history of violence: the trashing of Gary Shipper’s house in June, 1993 and other acts. Members of ARA have been identified posting pamphlets clearly urging arson and Molotov cocktail attacks on Ernst Zundel’s house.

Advocating criminal behaviour is in itself a crime!!! Why no charges. Perhaps “intelligence” forces, like CSIS have been so busy pursuing the Nazis-that-never-were that they’ve overlooked the real terrorists. If you value freedom, call the Toronto Police Services Board and demand action. Also, write Hon. Bob Runciman, Solicitor-General of Ontario. Demand that he — being responsible for policing in Ontario –insist that Metro Police devote proper efforts to monitor and charge the terrorists in the ARA. Runciman’s phone number is (416)-326-5075; his FAX number is (416)-326-5085. His address is 175 Bloor Street, East, Suite #400, Toronto, Ontario, M4W 3R8. It seems curious that the police seem to have made no progress in solving last spring’s firebombings (Zundel, Andrews, Polinuk) or the attempted pipebombings of the Mackenzie Institute and Ernst Zundel and others.

The terrorists must be stopped. However, we are ruled by an establishment so infected by “anti-racism” prattle that they seem to turn a blind eye to the thuggery of the ARA and others. No reasonable person can doubt that had two dozen rightists of the short-haired persuasion burst into some ethnic meeting, shouting “….. out”, trespassed and spat on people, that the police would not only have removed them, they would have charged them. Why the double standard?

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