Received your latest letter. Yep, as soon as Israel is in the news, our kiss-ass government and media jump to their aid.  Why?  Why help a nation of pathetic, broke vampires who feed off of hard-working Western taxpayers?  Why?

And it just goes to show you who is really running Canada.  There are 370,000  Jews here. Yet, you’d think it was 10 times that the way so many jump to attention in this war!

And Mel Gibson?  Why blame on alcohol what lives so truly in your heart?  I mean, you just know he’s always harboured such sentiments, so why deny what/who you really are.  Our greatest enemies are the hypocrites out there and believe me, we are surrounded by such cowards of all colour!

Gas here [in Alberta] is $1.16 a liter.  Air travel is now restricted due to what happened in the UK, which continues to allow Islamics to their shores while plotting evil.  I don’t fear evil.  I don’t fear any Moslems.  I fear my incompetent, boot-licking, lying, self-serving gov’t more.  They are the ones endangering all  of us and eroding our freedoms!

Of˜course, if you write them to tell them this, they throw YOU in jail!  Some democracy!

Pass this on.



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