Time to Speak Up

After thirty years of relentless immigration and taxpayer subsidized scams, excesses, abuses and boners, the immigration department is ready to hear from you. At long last, the government has asked ordinary Canadians what they think of immigration.

The Legislative Review Committee has tabled 172 recommendations — some of them sound. But whatever happened to all the other reports and recommendations? The immigration department admits that the polls they themselves commission are not used to set ‘policy’, but rather to shape ‘communications strategy’.

The guy in the street has been browbeaten into invertebrate silence – bullied with a single word – “RACIST!” So a system that should have long since collapsed under the weight of its own putrescence, clings to tax-generated life support. And every patronage appointee, beneficiary, social worker, mentor, counsellor, advocate, activist, ESL teacher and immigration lawyer in the land will pitch in to keep the old gravy train up and running.

If you want to express your views, you’d better do so now — or forever hold your peace. Just once, if every Canadian devoted even ten minutes to sending a stinging ‘non-racist’ message of rejection, the government might begin to realize that individual jobs depend on your next vote.

Let’s demand a five year moratorium on ALL immigration from ALL sources while this wounded nation sorts itself out. Insist on a referendum at the end of that period. NO MORE IMMIGRATION WITHOUT THE SUPPORT OF THE PEOPLE!!! We can’t just hope for the best.

Those who rely on this disasterous system WILL fight to maintain it — what will you do? If you do nothing, you endorse policy and practice. Lucienne Robillard, the Minister of Immigration will consult with interested parties on the following dates:

  • Vancouver – Feb 27,
  • Winnipeg – March 2,
  • Toronto – March 3,
  • Montreal – March 6,
  • Halifax – March 9.

If you wish to be heard, you should advise the

If you wish to submit written material without participating in the meetings (or live in one of the many affected areas where meetings will not be held) you have until March 9, 1998 to forward your letter or submission to the address listed above.

Sample letters will be available on the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee’s website in the next few weeks. ( For copies of the Legislative Review Commitee’s (168p and 37p) report: Fax: (613) 946-0581 For information: Benoit Chiquette, Press Secretary, Office of the Minister (613) 954-1064 Internet site:


Please make copies, hand out to family and friends – Let’s save ourselves