by H. Millard (c) 1999

So you came to this country, this America, from some other country. You say that you came because you were fleeing repression or that you wanted a better life for your family in these United States, or maybe that you wanted to make more money here than you could ever make in your former country. Okay. That sounds reasonable.

So why in the hell are you demanding that we show sensitivity toward your former country’s culture and language? If you want to honor those things, then go back there. Don’t come here and try to make here the same as the place you left or you’ll find that the problems you fled there are being made anew here. Don’t be fooled by some neurotic liberal idiots who treat you like stray cats to be mothered and nurtured and cooed over, and who will tell you how much they love your culture. These cat ladies, sans cats, exist in every country, and their phony neurosis based dogoodism is only going to hurt you, because they don’t treat you as fully formed adults but as helpless little children no matter what age you are. The price of their fawning is that you have to try to be small and look up at them with big helpless doe eyes and in effect worship them as your great saviours. It is eternal childhood and helplessness that is demanded of you. Don’t fall for it.

To hell with your old country. You left there for a hoped for better here. If you want to take advantage of whatever it is you believe is available to you in these United States that is better than where you came from, then YOU better show sensitivity toward our culture and you’d better damn well try to understand and conform to our ways.

Don’t come here and tell us that we should teach you in OUR schools in your old language. If you want that, go back where you came from and don’t let the friggin’ door hit you on the way out. Beat it. Amscray. Head out. Who the hell needs you?

Don’t come here and call us names because you feel we’re not being sensitive to your diversity. Screw your diversity. Either come here to be like us—because, remember, you came here to our country, we didn’t go to your screwed up former country–and it is not us who should change to make you feel comfortable. You are the one who must change and be sensitive to us.

You’re the guest. Not us. Live by our rules and our lights or beat it. And if you snuck into this country illegally, then you’d better get your ass back out of here and apply through legal means. And, if you can’t get in through legal means, then that’s just the way it’ll have to be. You don’t have a right to be in this country unless WE say you can be here. Period.

You say that we’re being so insensitive. Tough nookies. You’d better change to get in step with us, or you ought to head for the exit.

This is our country. We built it. We will decide how it’s run. We’ll decide who can join us as citizens. We speak English here. We do things in certain ways here. That’s our choice and it’s not your right to come here to tell us that we have to be more like you. We don’t want to be like you and we don’t want our country to be like your old country.

Get yourself Americanized as quickly as possible or get yourself gone.