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The topics of immigration and the population makeup of Western Canada dominated an April 29 afternoon seminar in Edmonton, Alberta sponsored by the Western Canada Concept.

Paul Fromm, Director of the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee, opened by advising his separatist audience: “Whether Canada remains a united Dominion or whether the West separates, we must come to grips with the reality that our present leaders have decided to replace the present European majority, the founders of this great country, with a new population — largely from the Third World.”

“Canada’s present immigration policy,” Fromm warned, “is nothing more than a policy of replacement — the replacement of people like you and me and our children.”

In a little covered speech to the Canadian Society for Yad Vashem last November 8, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Elinor Caplan pledged to further open the floodgates and permit immigration to rise to 1 per cent of Canada’s population or 300,000 plus per year.

“The Minister is sanctioning an invasion of Canada, the wholesale replacement of our current population,” charges Paul Fromm, Director of the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee (CFIRC). “That’s more than a million and a half newcomers every five years,”” he adds.

“With twice the unemployment rate of the U.S., where will they work?” he demands. “If past patterns hold, most will flock to Toronto or Vancouver and the impossible overcrowding, soaring housing prices for native-born Canadians, and hopeless traffic snarls will get even worse,” he predicts.

In her speech accepting the award of Yad Vashem Woman of the Year, Caplan said: “I was pleased and honoured when our Prime Minister called to ask me to be Minister of Citizenship and Immigration a few months back. One of the reasons I was pleased — and the Prime Minister knows this — is that when it comes to immigration policy I am not a Mackenzie King Liberal. I am a Laurier Liberal.

Unlike King for whom none was too many, Laurier opened doors. As did Pierre Trudeau and as Jean Chretien. Our government is committed to meeting our long term goal of immigration levels at 1% of our population. We understand the important economic and cultural contribution of immigrants in Canada. I am in a government that is lead by a man whose values match my own — a man honoured by Yad Vashem in 1995.”

“On the contrary, Mackenzie King was a prime minister who respected the wishes of Canadians,” says Fromm. “In his May 1, 1947 Statement on Canada’s Long-term Immigration Programme, King said: ‘An alien has no fundamental right to enter Canada. This is a privilege. … The people of Canada do not wish to make a fundamental alteration in the character of their population through mass immigration.'”

“Mackenzie King was a wise man. He read the Canadian Majority correctly then. His views are just as relevant today,” Fromm adds. “It is Caplan, Chretien and Trudeau who are the nation-wrecking radicals,” he charges.

In her remarks, Caplan praised Chretien’s immigration stand. “Prime Minister Jean Chretien used immigration to highlight his vision of Canada during the Throne Speech debate. Let me briefly quote him: ‘A country, Canada, is the place to be in the 21st century, the place where people will want to come and stay, to learn, to pursue opportunities, to raise children, to enjoy natural beauty, to open new frontiers, to set the standard for the world of a high quality of life, a Canada that is a leader and example to the world.'”

“This is rank nonsense,” says Fromm. “Within a decade, Canada’s living standard is destined to slump to half that of our neighbour to the South. We are driving out our best, with high taxation, high unemployment, over-crowding and costly, disruptive, non-traditional immigration.”

“Caplan and Chretien are team-mates on a wrecking crew determined to alter Canada beyond recognition. Theirs is a thinly disguised programme for the destruction and replacement of a people, of founding European settlers and builders of this once-great Dominion, ” he concludes.

Fromm also blasted Elinor Caplan’s new Immigration Act which she touts as “tough.” “In fact,” Fromm charges, “it consists of a few meaningless enforcement measures as window dressing for booting the door even more open for the flood of 300,000 immigrants a year, which is her long term goal.”

Caplan lets the cat out of the bag early on in her press release. “Closing the back door to those who would abuse the system allows us to ensure that the front door will remain open,” said Minister Caplan, “both to genuine refugees and to the immigrants our country will need to grow and prosper in the years ahead.” A CIC background release entitled “Opening the Door Wider” reveals the real agenda — a massive increase in immigration: It says the amendments seek “to attract the ‘best and the brightest’ to Canada and advance our long-term immigration goal of 1% of the population annually.” This would mean a flood of more than 300,000– or a city the size of Hamilton, Ontario every year.

“In fact,” says Fromm, “Caplan’s real goal may be even higher numbers. In a March 25 speech to the Fourth National Metropolis Conference in Toronto, Caplan cited an OECD report recommending that Canada take in 8.6-million immigrants over the next 20 years. This,” explains Fromm, “would work out to an annual intake of 430,000. Such numbers are nothing less than replacement of present Canadians by a largely dissimilar and alien influx.”

“The minister’s premise is utterly wrong,” says Fromm. “With unemployment well over 7 per cent — twice that of our American neighbour — it’s preposterous to say that immigrants are necessary to growth and prosperity. With few exceptions, they will either take jobs that should go to unemployed Canadians or be heavy users of social services.”

“The OECD argument,” said Fromm, “is that this huge influx is needed to maintain the present numbers in the work force. Why do we need these numbers? We need fewer workers, with the high unemployment rate we already have,” he added.

Western Canada Concept founder Douglas H. Christie, in a wide ranging speech touched on the meaning of the WCC’s new red, green and white flag and on immigration and population matters.

“The green background of this flag symbolizes spring and hope,” said Mr. Christie. “The red cross symbolizes the Christian religion of the founders of Western Canada. The red bars symbolize blood and patriotism. We are prepared to fight and defend our borders. It is not ‘come one and come all’ as it has been recently in Canada,” he said to enthusiastic applause. “the white circle in the centre of the flag symbolizes the purity of our ideals and the four segments of the circle represent the four provinces of Western Canada.”

“I’ve advocated Western independence since 1978,” said Mr. Christie in an emotional history of the WCC. “I formed the Western Canada Concept in 1981. Albertans in that time have given up $100-billion to the federal government and it will never return.”

Turning to immigration and population matters, Mr. Christie said: “Genocide is being practised in Western Canada. You are being replaced. Your religion is being denigrated as a Supreme Court rules that a Christian school cannot fire an avowedly homosexual teacher whose values contradict theirs.”

“Am I satisfied being eliminated by genocide?” Christie asked. “I am not!” “What can we do?” he asked rhetorically.

“If Western Canada separated, it would not be a successor government. Canada was a successor government to the Imperial Parliament. However, if Western Canada is not a successor government and separated by referendum, we’d be as obligated to follow the former Canada’s policies as Brazil is,” Christie explained.

“We’d not be obligated to observe the Nisga’a Treaty. Nor would we have to recognize Canadian citizenship. We would define a citizen as one born in Western Canada before 1968 or one whose parents were born there before 1968. All others would have to apply and qualify according to our rules.” All others resident in Western Canada would still be Canadian citizens and would have to apply and qualify for citizenship in the new Western Canada.

“We must save our culture, our land and our people by separating and building a new nation,” Christie urged.

“Our poor, sad downtrodden people have to be given hope and we can do it with a new country.”

Christie warned: “We’re being confronted by a New World Order that demands that we accept immigration to change ourselves. They want us to send our soldiers under the UN to enforce their orders on others. And other troops might be sent here to control us. That’s why they need gun control so that there’ll be no effective opposition.”

“All I want is a country I can call my own where I can feel at home with my own people who share a common religion.”

Mr. Christie concludes his address with a moving story of a reunion of the Commonwealth Airmen that occurred in Winnipeg several years ago. “I get angry when I see the heritage of my ancestors destroyed and denigrated,” he said.

“I watched those men — 4,000 strong — march to the Cenotaph in Winnipeg. This was probably their last parade because most were in their 70s or 80s. These men looked like me. My face is something I can’t escape from,” he said.

“The rabble that watched these proud veterans didn’t look like us. It was a UN general assembly. They wondered:’ Who are these guys? What did they do?'”

“They had no understanding that it was these men who’d won the freedom that got them into this country,” he said.

In a stirring conclusion, Mr. Christie urged: “Tell those Ottawa tax collectors that they can take our land and heritage no more.”

“Tomorrow is our destiny, but we make it today. We will all die, but if we do something today, we might, just might change the course of history.”