“Canada’s official celebration of the UN-decreed International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is an utter waste of taxpayers’ money,” Paul Fromm, Director of the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee, declared today.

“This is the eleventh straight year that the federal government has presumed to preach to Canadians with their money,” says Fromm. He points to a webpage maintained by Hedy Fry’s Ministry of Multiculturalism which has an on-line anti-racism petition, promotes a Panasonic-sponsored anti-racism student video contest and features teacher information for propagandizing youth. “This is an utterly inappropriate waste of our money,” says Fromm.

“Too often ‘anti-racism’ is a guise for shutting down legitimate political opinions, like the belief in freedom of speech, opposition to wholesale population-altering immigration, or opposition to massive land give-aways to satisfy Native land claims,” Fromm adds.

In her preachy letter on this secular holy day for followers of the New World Order, Hedy Fry states: “Racism has always been a barrier to human and social development. In Canada, we decided that racial discrimination should not have the chance to take hold.”

“This is a sick joke,” charges Fromm. “The federal government, through its employment equity programmes, practises racial discrimination, especially against White males. The recent Nisga’a land claim gives race-based rights to Indians and discriminates against Whites who must foot the bill.”

“Hedy Fry’s moaning about racism is a little precious and pretentious,” Fromm says. “Here she is a visible minority elected to Parliament and elevated to the Cabinet but she’s still squawking about ‘racism.’ So-called ‘racist’ Canada hasn’t hurt her any,” he notes.

On the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination’s website, there appears a message from Governor General Romeo LeBlanc. “How incompetent!” Fromm says. “Don’t they realize that the new Governor General is Adrienne Clarkson, a Chinese immigrant, the poster girl for the changes wrought in this country. It’s offensive and absurd to accuse Canada of ‘racism’ when the present government has elevated a visible minority to be the Queen’s representative.”

The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination originally was the International Day for the Elimination of Apartheid. “However,” notes Fromm, “once apartheid fell and South Africa was turned over to the pro-communist African National Congress, the anti-racists lost all interest and moved on to other targets,. That several hundred White farmers are murdered each year in black hate crimes or that Canada’s long-time aid-parasite Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe is expropriating White farms without compensation to reward his corrupt officials, passes without notice by the anti-racist crowd,” he charges.

“A pox on this phony holiday and the rage and contempt of taxpayers for the foolish waste of their money on this nonsense,” says Fromm. “I know that I and many other patriotic Majority Canadians will be honouring the Spring Equinox, the beginning of Spring, a date sacred to our European ancestors.”

The Canada First Immigration Reform Committee was founded in 1997 to fight for the ignored Canadian Majority in immigration matters. CFIRC believes that Canada’s immigration policy should reflect the will of the Majority, rather than the desires of selfish special interest groups. CFIRC believes that the composition of a nation is one of the most important political questions there is. Any immigration policy should be ratified in a binding national referendum. CFIRC holds regular meetings across this Dominion, publishes the lobbies politicians, and has one of Canada’s most popular political websites at http://canadafirst.net