As Parliament resumes, the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee is calling on MPs, especially the immigration critics for the opposition Reform Party, to demand that the government come clean on the recent influx of Chinese illegals to Canada.

“There’s strong circumstantial evidence that boatloads of Chinese illegals are continuing to arrive in Canada,” says Paul Fromm, Director of the Canada First Immigration Committee. “There have been at least three apprehensions in the past month of Chinese illegals — two in Cornwall and one on Walpole Island. These Chinese, unable to speak English, had obviously not come through the international airports and had no status in this country.”

“Nine of the Chinese women apprehended at Walpole Island admitted they’d arrived by ship. How did these people get into Canada?” Fromm demands.

“We call on the Reform Party to hold Minister Elinor Caplan’s feet to the fire. How are these illegals entering Canada? Has the government called off the military and Coast Guard patrols? Are they just turning a blind eye to the ongoing invasion? Or is the new corridor for sneaking into Canada container ships? Fromm asks.

“It has been seven months since the invasion ships organized by Chinese criminal triads came to light,” says Fromm. “Still, the government has done nothing to secure our borders.”

The government has refused to invoke the “notwithstanding” clause and introduce legislation to override the 1985 Singh decision which allows anyone, no matter how absurd the circumstances, to enter Canada, make a refugee claim, receive an oral hearing, be funded for doing so, be supported by Canadian welfare and medicare, and have the further right of appeal.

“To regain control of our borders, Canada must require all those seeking immigration or refugee status to apply and be vetted abroad,” Fromm explains.