Dear Immigration Reformer:

The following incredible story shows a Canadian judiciary subverting what small efforts are being made to control the shameful smuggling of illegals into Canada.

Immigration Minister Elinor Caplan has made much of her belief that she’s sending a strong message to the snakehead people smugglers. The message is this sad story — bail of $5.00!!! — is side-splitting laughter. Canada quite clearly DOESN’T mean business.

It’s clear Parliament must step in to curb the permissive and bungling judiciary. Parliament must invoke the “notwithstanding” clause and legislate that the ONLY way to enter Canada as an immigrant or refugee is to apply and be vetted abroad. Anyone entering Canada illegally must be detained and deported. Smugglers must similarly be detained and jailed.

Paul Fromm Director

Saturday, 20 May, 12:40 a.m. | Canada Press


A JUDGE threatened Friday to throw out people-smuggling charges against nine South Koreans accused of bringing a boatload of illegal Chinese migrants to British Columbia last summer.

Justice Ronald McKinnon made the statement in B.C. Supreme Court after ruling the Crown breached the rights of the nine by not revealing that four of the Chinese migrants on the boat had been indicted on charges of being smuggling enforcers.

The defence asked that all the charges be dismissed as a result, but McKinnon ordered the nine be freed immediately on bail of $5 each.

When he was told they can’t be freed because of Immigration Department warrants against them, McKinnon said the Crown has until Wednesday to get the department to cancel its warrants or he’ll dismiss the charges.

The South Koreans were the crew of the driftnet fishing boat Ryong Pusan No. 705 that was arrested heading towards the open seas after Chinese migrants were left on a beach in the Queen Charlotte Islands last Aug. 11.

Almost 600 Chinese migrants arrived off the West Coast last summer aboard four decrepit cargo ships.

Almost all made refugee claims and have remained in detention since their arrival.

Most claims have been rejected and 113 migrants have been deported.