Former Republican, Patrick J. Buchanan is seeking the Reform Party nomination. Immigration reform is a key item in his campaign speeches.

“I’ll bring those American boys home from Kosovo and Bosnia where they are guarding their borders, and put them on our borders to secure our sovereignty,” he said to thunderous applause in Lansing, Michigan, June 17, at a Reform Party state convention.

He recounted: “Three months ago Shelley and I were down on the border. The barbed wire fence has been torn down by trucks,” he explained. “About 1,000 illegals cross each night. Teresa Murray, 82, lives in her ranch house. She’s a widow. Her house is surrounded by chain link fence with razor wire on top. There are bars on all her windows. She’s been burglarized over 30 times by the illegals. Her two guard dogs were killed by meat laced with poison and glass. This woman is a prisoner in her own home. It’s her maximum security prison.”

Buchanan called for posting U.S. troops to secure the border with Mexico and protect people like Teresa Murray.

“Over 75 per cent of Americans agree we should have a more restrictive immigration policy,” he said. However, others in the political elite won’t listen, he warned. “George W. Bush goes down to Mexico and talks about tourism, not the drugs pouring across the border. You get a nothing burger of Washington Post-approved election issues only.”

Buchanan explained that he stands for economic patriotism, which means “putting our country first.”

He blasted the Clinton administration and the leadership of both old line parties which supported granting most favoured nation status to Red China. “These are the Chinese communists who persecute Christians and dissidents and who threaten our country with missiles containing components made in the U.S.A.”

“The corporate financial elite ,” he said, “puts the global economy ahead of the American economy and globalism ahead of patriotism. This elite,” he charged, “pays both the Republicans and the Democrats.”

Again to excited applause, Buchanan promised that, should he win, “there’ll be a new man in the Oval Office who’ll call in the Red Chinese ambassador and tell that fellow, ‘If you don’t stop threatening my country and persecuting Christians, you’ve sold your last pair of chopsticks here. You can take your Chinese-made goods back where they were made!'”

“What were Ralph Nader, the Green Party, Howard Phillips, the teamsters and Pat Buchanan doing protesting against the World Trade Organization meeting last November in Seattle? When our Congress passes a law, no international body is going to tell us that we must repeal our law,” said Buchanan who served in both the Nixon and Reagan administrations.

“The International Monetary Fund,” Buchanan explained, “is the Federal Reserve of the New World Order. The IMF takes your money and lends it to foreign countries in the billions of dollars. When they go bankrupt, they transfer it to the national debt of the U.S.”

“Two years ago, the IMF lent $4-billion to Russia. Within a few weeks, it had disappeared, much of it to secret bank accounts in Monaco.”

Another arm of the New World Order, he warned, is the World Court and the Global Criminal Court which can put U.S. soldiers and officers on trial.”

The NWO “end goal,” he said, “is a world government. Walter Cronkite last year said: ‘It is time for the American people to have the courage to give up sovereignty.'”

“When I raise my hand to take the oath of office, the New World Order comes down,” Buchanan promised.

Buchanan is all but assured the party nomination and will be on the ballot in all 50 states. “If we get into the debates, we’ll turn this into a three-way race,” he predicted.

Presidential hopeful Pat Buchanan and Paul Fromm the Director of the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee

At a fundraising dinner in Warren, Michigan, June 16, Buchanan welcomed another immigration reformer, Paul Fromm, Director of the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee. In a short greeting, Fromm brought him best wishes from Canadian immigration reformers who applaud his courage in putting immigration on the political map this year.