The navy is tracking another possible migrant ship off the B.C. coast. It was apparently spotted late yesterday afternoon, after immigration authorities denied that any specific ship was being watched. Authorities still won’t be specific about its location, except to say that it’s outside of Canadian waters, it is one or two days from shore, and it was spotted by an Aurora long range patrol plane out of CFB Comox.

… Lt. Cmdr. Chris Henderson: ‘I can confirm that we have surveillance on another suspected migrant ship which is out there and we will continue to watch it.’

… Gary Lunn, Reform MP, Vancouver Island: ‘And the problem will not go away unless we change our Immigration Act.’

The Reform Party is already circulating a petition calling for tougher immigration laws to deal with illegal immigrants.

… Gary Lunn: ‘Even without the consent of all the parties, this could be done in a number of days.’

Instead, Immigration officials are preparing for many more Chinese migrants. The gym at CFB Esquimalt is being doubled to accomodate the anticipated fourth wave of boat people.’

(BCTV News, September 8, 1999)

At what point do we STOP counting? 2,000? 10,000? 500,000?

There are ONE HUNDRED MILLION unemployed people in China.

Before the parasites feeding off this industry remind us again that we shouldn’t hit the panic button because 100 – (oops) – 200 – (oops) – 300 – (oops) – 400 – (oops) – well – let’s say – “500 poor people are just a drop in the bucket, and what possible harm can they represent?” Look what havoc just nine in Toronto have unleashed.


Frontline immigration officers have stopped interviewing Nine Tibetan claimants are already in quarantine in Toronto with active TB,immigration spokesman Giovanna Gatti confirmed yesterday.

And five of the nine have a virulent, drug-resistant strain of TB that can be deadly if left unchecked, medical experts said. They said it’s also very expensive, estimating it costs $1 million to treat one patient with drug-resistant “These people have a right to make a refugee claim,” Gatti said

Tibetans who arrive with TB will be examined by a medical specialist in Toronto. “When they’re cleared, they will undergo their interviews with an immigration officer.”

Since last November, she said, about 400 Tibetans have arrived from the U.S.

Tony McGrath, of the Canada Employment and Immigration Union, said there’s at least nine other TB-positive Tibetans waiting in Buffalo to come here.

“Our officers are very concerned,” McGrath said.

He said officers have stopped interviewing Tibetan claimants because it poses a danger to their health. The interviews will be conducted by supervisors.

McGrath said the job action won’t affect the public. [Wow, what a relief!]

(Tom Godfrey, Toronto Sun, September 8, 1999)




– Twenty-seven people concealed in a tractor-trailer have been detained after U.S. immigration officers intercepted them at the Quebec-U.S. border. The 27, who included 14 Chinese, 12 Pakistanis and a Haitian, were turned over to Immigration Canada…

[One was] a Chinese migrant claiming to have entered B.C. by boat last month …

The U.S. Border Patrol says Yun Xian Xiong, 31, a woman from Fujian province, was arrested on the border between Ontario and New York. She said she came in by boat in Canada [last month],” said border patrol spokesman Ed Duda. “Her words were that Canadian immigration came on the boat, talked to her and let her go.”

(Vancouver Province, < 8 September 1999)


Officially, even “China wants Canada to send the boatloads of migrants who have arrived on the B.C. coast back to their home country. Even considering them for refugee status will only encourage more smuggling of humans, a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry said yesterday in Beijing.”

(Vancouver Province, < 8 September 1999)

No doubt this spotlight on human rights abuses is embarrassing to China; but Chinese-Canadians are equally disgusted by Canada’s slack-jawed submissiveness. Why? Because they know better than half-wit hug-addicts what it’s like to actually live in a society dominated by predatory criminal gangs and corrupt politicians. To a society steeped in the tactical refinements of Sun Tzu’s ART OF WAR, Canada’s combined arrogance and naïveté makes for a lethal cocktail.


“The process could be speeded up by detailed initial interviews with highly trained public servants to screen out the obvious fakes before they have time to develop, with their lawyers and co-conspirators, a fairy tale that meets the requirements of the refugee definition.”

(Former Immigration and Refugee Board member William Bauer, Maclean’s, Aug 23, 1999)


“Lin Juen Li carefully carried her “certificate of forced abortion” across the Pacific Ocean on a 39-day voyage in a cramped and stinking fishboat, hoping it would be her passport to freedom in Canada. But while immigration lawyers say the document will support her claim for refugee status, it did not win her release from temporary detention Tuesday.”

(Vancouver Sun, September 8, 1999)

— feeling guilty yet?

“Although there has been an attempt to characterize the latest arrivals as persecuted by China’s one-child policy, [Simon Fraser University’s Don Devoretz] dismisses that idea with a snort. ‘The Chinese do not make people have late-term abortions; it’s just harder to get second children into school.'”

(Globe and Mail, Sat Sept 4, 1999)

If Mr. Devoretz is wrong, and Ms. Lin WAS forced to have an abortion, it is indeed sad. But why on earth would a nation so often condemned for rights abuses issue any such certificate? Okay, say they do: how does Canada convince China to authenticate such an outlandish document, given that China would likely not admit to the practice — if it does exist? Truly, no good deed goes unpunished in the New Canada.

Ever since Canada went into business with the organized crime groups dumping human cargo on our West Coast (they supply the raw material, we meet, greet, and sustain them over that initial “minimal earning hump” – we even hunt down escapees!) we have been told not to be critical – those boats really caught Immigration Canada “off guard”.

or did they?

According to Canada’s defence newspaper: “Citizenship and Immigration had acquired intelligence that suggested an event like this would occur this summer,” …. “They realized they didn’t have the resources to cope with it internally. This spring they convened several meetings with DND, the RCMP and Health Canada to work out the role each agency would play.”

(The Maple Leaf Vol. 2, No. 15)

Trevor Lautens: China stakes out its future in a wobbly-kneed Canada

The recent arrivals of Chinese “migrants” by boat is just a symbol of the Asia-fication of British Columbia. The Boat People saga is only a brief news flash in a big historical pan. The bigger story is that British Columbia is on its way to becoming an economic, cultural, and finally political dependency of Asia — a Pacific Columbia likely dominated by China.

If Quebec separates, the rest of Canada’s future is dubious. It’s not fanciful to imagine B.C. as an Asian-dominated country, by, say, as early as 2025 — quite possibly with the rich Vancouver area as a separate city-state and the rest left as a second-rate rump state.

A potted chronology of B.C.’s “visible minorities,” as StatsCanada uneasily calls them: The Chinese first arrived [for the Gold Rush] in 1858. In 1884 there were 114 in nascent Vancouver. At century’s end there were 3,500. Now another century is ending and there are (1996 census) 279,000 Chinese, 120,000 South Asians — East Indians — 40,000 Filipinos, etc. Vancouver is 31 per cent visible minorities totalling 565,000 people, 49 per cent of them Chinese.

(Pause: Nope, this isn’t “yellow peril” stuff. It’s as deadpan as a history of Canada describing the invasion of Indian lands by Europeans — actually, led mostly by sinewy French adventurers and hairy-legged Scotsmen. The issue I’m raising is national sovereignty. But I gladly plead guilty to being a culturist, not a racist — to the belief in a single citizenship and to the societal glue of the English language, the most flexible, expressive and beautiful on earth, and the wealth that it gives access to. But I blandly expect the obvious accusations.)

This is an old historical process: Vigorous, hungry, motivated people displace wealthy, complacent, under-performing ones. They come poor, and eventually they own the house on the hill. And Canada is ripe for such a sea-change. The cliche is awful, but appropriate to Canada: Use it or lose it.

Canada has 20 per cent of the world’s fresh water — a literal goblet to be drained — in a world where water is, and will become far more, precious. It is vast, empty, and with enormous resources. But, as scholar Goldwin Smith summed it up more than a century ago, “Poor Canada — too much geography, not enough policy.”

Such policies as we have are disastrous. The arrival of some hundreds of Chinese “migrants” in rusty boats — now threee, and counting — is trifling, compared with those who illegally enter by air, but dramatically huge in symbolism, a flashing neon sign as big as the sky: Canada is chump country.

It has no civil, military or legislated power to stop this criminal-driven smuggling. It is self-paralyzed. But most of all its government doesn’t have an inch of intestine.

Ridiculous Immigration Minister Elinor (Let the Weather Solve This!) Kaplan is only the temporary front for the small-l and big-L Liberal support for the inane Supreme Court of Canada ruling that, properly read, treats Canadian rights as of such contemptibly small value that anyone who touches our soil by any foul means is automatically given them.

As for Jean The Disappearing Chretien, where the hell is he on this issue? Where is he, period?

(Vancouver Sun, Saturday 4 September 1999)