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October 8, 1998 ———- For Immediate Release

Immigration Minister Lucienne Robillard has once again given a sharp slap across the face to Canada’s unemployed, says Paul Fromm, Director of the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee.

In her October 7 statement to Parliament, entitled The Immigration Plan for 1999 –Canada: A Welcoming Land, Robillard announced a goal of 200,000 to 225,000 for 1999. “It’s too bad Canada is not a very welcoming land for Canada’s unemployed,” says Fromm. “The present government, while piling up huge Employment Insurance fund surpluses, has denied large numbers of the unemployed the benefits the paid for.” “With official unemployment stuck at close to 1.4-million Canadians, or 8.4 per cent of the workforce, we simply don’t need any newcomers,” says Fromm. “We commissioned a Decima Research Poll of Canadian attitudes to immigration in February and found that a majority of Canadians backed the idea of a five year moratorium on immigration to allow us to get our own unemployed back to work.”

“Mme Robillard has failed to put Canadians first,” Fromm insists. “Why must we import foreign workers? Why not train the huge pool of unemployed and overlooked Canadians?” In her statement that she was “pleased to see that the number of immigrants sponsored by their immediate families is on the increase”, Robillard is “once again showing a heartless disregard for Canadians,” says Fromm. Family class immigrants need demonstrate no language or job skills.

“Many of these people will have trouble making a contribution to Canadian society and will, if recent trends continue, be a burden to Canadian taxpayers,” Fromm says. “Canada should have close to full employment before contemplating further immigration,” Fromm advises.

“The more one sees of Canada’s present uncaring immigration policy, the more convincing becomes former immigration investigator Mike Taylor’s conclusion that Canada’s immigration policy benefits elites who want to keep unemployment high and wages low,” says Fromm. Taylor recently published his conclusions in The Truth About Immigration: Exposing the Economic and Humanitarian Myths.



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