From Number 38 November, 1992 – Canadian Immigration Hotline

Unscreened “Refugees” & Illegals Bring Tuberculosis

“About 120 people are being checked for tuberculosis after a 15-year-old male student from an Ottawa high school tested positive for the disease 10 days ago. … The appearance of the disease is another reason to improve testing of immigrants and refugees entering Canada, Ian Gemmill, Ottawa-Carleton’s associate medical officer said. … The infected student came to Canada in January as a refugee. Gemmill declined to say what country he came from.” (Edmonton Journal, June 8, 1992)

Immigration Workers Infected By Illegals

“Some would-be refugees are coming to Canada with … deadly, contagious diseases. Four immigration workers in the Toronto area have contracted tuberculosis from refugee claimants in the last three months, Jeannette Meunier-McKay of the immigration workers’ union says. A fifth employee came down with malaria. … Refugee claimants are required to have medical exams after 48 hours in Canada, but so many are arriving there’s a month-long backlog. … In one incident a week ago, a Sri Lankan woman being treated for tuberculosis escaped from a Toronto hospital to attend a refugee hearing. After hospital officials found her, the immigration hearing room was sealed off for hours while health officials checked it for bacteria.” (Toronto Sun, November 7, 1992)

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