Immigration has far reaching and scary implications for EVERY Canadian.

If we continue to have mass Third World immigration coming to this country, we will end up living in war zone like areas.

A quick look across the border at large US cities gives you a taste of the “enrichment” we are soon to experience.

Your new house awaits

Complete with reinforced fences, razor wire, and climb proof fence. Your windows will be fitted with state of the art LEXAN glass which can withstand a blast from a shotgun at close range. Internal generators will continue to feed your house power in case of siege. The generators are good for 5 hours, and with police response times of 3-5 hours (if they come at all) you should be safe until they arrive. A separate generator will keep the fence electrified for up to 6 hours. And the best thing of all, since this is Canada, you won’t be allowed to own a firearm. And if any of the people trying to kill you injure themselves on your property they can either take you to a “Human Rights Commission” or sue you and take your house anyway.

The shopping is great also!


If the U.S. experience with massive Third World immigration from Mexico and Asia is any guide. We must address this problem now!

WHICH WAY CANADA? . The choice is up to you. Are you going to say nothing? Or are you going to get involved now?

The Canada First Immigration Reform Committee is out there for YOU.

Join us, help us and together we can keep our country safe!