Canada’s laughable system of permitting illegals to jet in and make “refugee” claims grows more disasterous by the day. “The backlog of refugee cases in Canada has soared by 75 per cent over the past three years to more than 30,000. … The Immigration and Refugee Board is processing the claims faster than ever, but has been fighting a losing battle against a flood of new cases, statistics from Citizenship and Immigration Canada show. Some of the biggest sources of the influx are friendly nations — including North American Free Trade Agreement partner Mexico, and Chile, which Prime Minister Jean Chretien is championing as the next entry into NAFTA.

Even claimants from the U.S., Britain and France and other advanced nations pad the backlog. There were 30,756 refugee claim cases pending on January 1 this year, compared to 26,394 a year earlier and just 17,080 on January 1, 1995. The increase has occurred despite a 10 per cent climb in cases processed annually from 19,844 to 21,680. The biggest single new contribution to the backlog are claimants from Chile, fuelled by Canada’s decision to lift visa requirements in 1994 to strengthen trade between the two countries. There were just 89 new Chilean cases in 1994, but 2,824 last year — a climb that has now forced Ottawa to reimpose the visa requirement.

The number of new Mexican claimants almost quadrupled from 247 to 951 during the same period. Last year also saw 37 claimants from the U.S., seven from the United Kingdom and its colonies, and 12 from France. … Sri Lanka, as for the past several years, provided the largest group of claimants in 1996 — 2,946. … Reform MP Art Hanger called the backlog outrageous. ‘I have been arguing from the beginning that the system doesn’t work, that it’s controlled by the immigration industry — the lawyers and special interest groups.’ … The largest sources of new claimants last year were Sri Lanka (2,946), Chile (2,824), Iran (1,728), India (1,367), Israel (1,270), Zaire (1,127), Pakistan (1,105), Mexico (951), China (929), Somalia (962), Bangladesh (806), Algeria (609), Russia (529),, and Romania (523).”

(Toronto Sun, February 10, 1997) In an article aptly entitled “The Supreme Court Has Gummed Up the Refugee Process,” Jeffrey Simpson explained that the task of sorting out refugee claimants “was made more difficult still by a 1985 decision of the Supreme Court of Canada. The so-called Singh decision, written by Bertha Wilson when she was a judge of the court, gummed up a reasonably effective system by extending protection under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to ‘everyone’ who put a foot on Canadian soil and by insisting that ‘everyone’ was entitled to a full oral hearing. … Last year, … of decisions actually rendered, 9,541 were positive; 7,037 were negative. This is a high rate of positive answers by international standards. … In the fiscal year that ended March 31, 1996, 4,732 unsuccessful refugee applicants were deported. That still leaves quite a gap between the number turned down (7,037) by the IRB and those deported.”

(Globe and Mail, February 13, 1997) Many remain as illegals. “What about the 5,225 who withdrew their refugee applications? Presumably, some of them give up and go elsewhere, while others remain as illegals. … [There] are plenty of refugee claimants from fully democratic and peaceful countries. Here are countries from which people claimed to be refugees: Argentina (90), Barbados (17), Brazil (32), Chile (2,842), … Costa Rica (95), the Czech Republic (144), Dominican Republic (57), Estonia (16), France (12), Grenada (77), Hungary (64), … Jamaica (132). South Korea (18), … Trinidad and Tobago (58).”

Of course, it’s a shameless scam used by hordes of economic opportunists. The government should immediately invoke the “not withstanding” section of the constitution and set aside the Singh decision. Henceforth, the only way to enter Canada as a refugee should be to apply from abroad, where the claimant can be properly vetted, at a fraction of the cost in adjudication, litigation (legal aid) and welfare the present circus imposes on Canadian taxpayers.

Sikh Preacher Wants to Pack His Kirpan on Canada 3000

“The Canadian Human Rights Commission is investigating a complaint concerning the right of religious Sikhs to wear the dagger on airplanes. Balbir Singh Nijjar, a truck driver who also preaches at Sikh temples, across Canada, maintains that his right to freedom of religion was violated when Canada 3000 would not allow him to board a flight from Toronto to Vancouver as long as he was wearing his … kirpan.” (Globe and Mail, January 30, 1997)


Malaysian Serial Rapist — Another Immigration Screening Failure

On January 30, “concurrent sentences totalling 660 years were meted out to a man described by a prosecutor as ‘arguably the most pernicious and persistent serial rapist in Canadian history.’ .. Mr. Justice David Humphry of the Ontario Court’s General Division told Selva Kumar Subbiah that his conduct was “so disgusting and so vile that no punishment of this court could do justice to you.’

Judge Humphrey said that, in addition to recommending that the man be deported to his native Malaysia when he leaves prison, he is going to suggest that police accompany him and turn the case file over to Malaysian authorities. … Subbiah, 37, pleaded guilty to 56 criminal charges, 23 of which were for administering stupefying drugs to assist him in committing an offence. … Many of the victims were teenagers, and all had been drugged to the point where they were incapable of participating, much less consenting. … The prisoner also claimed to have been working steadily when in reality he had been forcing his wife to work 88 hours a week at three jobs ‘to support his drugging habit.’ … The only witness at the sentencing hearing was Julie Evans, Mr. Subbian’s 29-year-old estranged wife and one of the 22 victims.” (Globe and Mail, January 31, 1997) The hapless blonde, blue-eyed ex-wife, whom he apparently married both to exploit and to try to obtain landed immigrant status as a spouse, helped reveal the utter failure of Canada’s immigration safeguards.

“Sexual predator Selva Subbiah finagled his way through the immigration system since his arrival in 1980 to avoid being sent home to Malaysia, federal officials concede. Subbiah, who has never had permanent resident status, remained in Canada by stringing together student and visitor’s visas year after year. Immigration records show he obtained student visas by claiming to attend Metro’s Ryerson and York universities and Hamilton’s McMaster University, where he said he was a divinity student. He also got several visitor’s visas over the years.

‘We had a report on him for a while, but no good convictions,’ Anna Pape, spokesman for the Citizenship and Immigration Ministry, said. ‘There has to be a criminal conviction in order for a deportation under the Immigration Act,’ she explained. … Subbiah’s first known brush with the law was in 1981 when he was arrested in Guelph on theft-related charges. However, a judge gave him a conditional discharge, which spared him from possible deportation. In August, 1988, he was convicted of public mischief, but that offence was not serious enough to be grounds for deportation, she said. … Subbiah became deportable in 1991 when he stopped seeking visa extensions.

‘He just didn’t reapply,’ she said.” (Toronto Sun, February 1, 1997) Questions: Did anyone ever bother to inquire as to whether Subbiah was really a student at all those institutions? When his visa ran out, why was he not rounded up and shipped back to Malaysia? A minimum of 30 Canadian women can thank lax federal authorities for permitting this cruel fiend to prey on them.

Kirpans Used In the Surrey Temple Brawl

For years in trying to mollify Canadians seething at the special privilege accorded to Sikhs who can pack a knife (kirpan) because it’s part of their religion, Canada’s multicult establishment has insisted that the kirpan is merely a religious symbol, not a weapon. Yet, the Globe and Mail reported: “Ceremonial swords, the crescent-shaped blades meant to signify God’s power and justice, were drawn. Others took out their kirpans, the daggers carried by many Sikhs. At least four people were stabbed and slashed in the bloody melee.

RCMP officers, who had been in the temple but failed to prevent the violence, arrested four Sikh men charging one with attempted murder. … As the Mounties rescued bleeding victims, some of the faithful screamed, ‘Kill the RCMP.’ … Some of the faithful slashed at their rivals with metre-long ceremonial swords. Others drew shortened five-and-a-half inch kirpans. …

Food was thrown and thrown right back. Women tossed hot water and tea at each other. An old man used his crutches to hit [temple president Balwant Singh] Gill’s daughter repeatedly ovr the head, drawing blood.” (Globe and Mail, January 25, 1997) Interestingly, “Kirpans can range from five-inches to three feet in length. ‘The fact is, the kirpan is protected under the Charter as part of Sikh religion,’ says RCMP Const. Grant] Learned. ‘But at what point does it become an offensive weapon? That’s the grey area.'” (Surrey-North Delta News Leader, January 15, 1997)

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