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Some Rich Hong Kongers Head for Greener Pastures Back Home

Immigration, we have repeatedly warned, is an entirely selfish act. Despite what Immigration propagandists might have you believe, virtually no immigrant leaves home to “enrich” his new land. He comes entirely for selfish motives to enrich himself. Thus, a prudent country carefully screens potential immigrants to ensure that they will make a contribution. Such a policy would select immigrants who would fit in and who show some commitment to Canadian values. Unfortunately, Canada is not a prudent country. For years, we’ve been regaled with stories that rich Orientals, particularly the influx from Hong Kong, would be a major boost to our economy. Bringing bags of money, they would make Canada rich. True, a small number of real estate agents, lawyers and speculators have done handsomely. However, it appears that many are unwilling to pay their fair share of taxes and are beginning to take themselves and their moneybags back to Hong Kong. So much for the notion that these rich immigrants would willingly labour and pay taxes to provide pensions for the aging baby boomers! “Once North America’s hottest real estate market, Vancouver is now watching prices plunge, with For Sale signs in upscale neighbourhoods stamped ‘price reduced’ as eager sellers return to Asia. The average house price in Vancouver’s affluent west side has dropped $249,700 — or 27 per cent — from a year ago, according to the latest survey by the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board. … Since the July 1 takeover of Hong Kong by China, something most Vancouverites saw as improbable is occurring: Some of the West Coast’s richest Chinese immigrants are heading back across the Pacific — and taking much of their money with them. And no longer, say realtors, are fabulously rich Asians gong on real-estate shopping sprees. …. The federal government’s new tax rules, which would force resident Canadians to disclose most of their offshore income in the next tax year has been a major bone of contention with recent Asian immigrants, many of whom have fortunes scattered around the world. They argue that Canada has changed the rules under which they entered the country, putting in a policy that will force them to declare assets they would rather keep secret.” (Globe and Mail, August 8, 1997) Meanwhile, as we have pointed out in previous reports, the “growth” that was supposedly occurring in British Columbia, due, we were told to the Asian influx, has proven largely illusory. “‘We basically haven’t had employment growth in the first half of 1997,’ said Jock Finlayson, an analyst for the Business Council of B.C. … [On August 7], Mr. Finlayson was writing a letter to the Bank of Montreal, which this week downgraded B.C. growth to 2.6 per cent from 3.3. ‘I’m telling them to estimate lower. I think it will be about 2 per cent — or lower.'”

Immigration Lawyer Promotes Flood of Gypsy “Refugees” & Clients

Josef Klima’s documentary depicting a Canadian welfare-utopia made quite the impression on disgruntled Czech Gypsies. “The only person Mr. Klima spoke to about the immigration process was George Kubes, an immigration lawyer.” (Globe and Mail, August 15 1997) In short order the blatant welfare-grab had assumed comic proportions, hostels were overflowing, criminality became an issue and Canadians were learning yet another racial epithet — Gadje — the Romany word for the stupid, conformist, despised sucker-class. Surprise, surprise. Whenever anyone — (specifically Toronto Councillor Gordon Chong) expressed misgivings, he was promptly denounced: “These kinds of statements promote hatred. They were downright racist,” said George Kubes, who represents 50 Gypsy families.” (Toronto Sun, August 23, 1997) The prospect of a spineless nation offering welfare handouts and free housing has reminded Gypsies that the Czech Republic does not deserve them. (Sadly, the Czech Republic seems prepared to weather the insult.) According to one Romany “entrepeneur”, “‘My wife has a niece who moved to Canada,’ he said. ‘I asked her if it’s possible to go into bars there. She says it is because people don’t know about Gypsies in Canada.’ .. Pickpockets feeding off the wallets of tourists are a common sight in Prague, the capital. Gypsies were said to have been responsible for widespread looting during last month’s flood.” (Globe and Mail, August 15, 1997) Among Gypsies there is “an estimated 70 per cent unemployment rate (in a country where the overall unemployment rate is 3 per cent). There are many well-meaning, thoughtful Czechs who have trouble overcoming their personal experiences with pickpockets, or mere rudeness from Romanies. They say they are not racists but they do not like certain behaviour.” ( Prague Post, August 27, 1997) Pearson Airport workers are reporting the arrival of about 20 Romany refugees a day: “Because of the large numbers, workers said, the Gypsies are released and given dates to return for hearings. Most are not photographed or fingerprinted because of a lack of manpower. … A large number of the Gypsies who arrive here have criminal records which aren’t detected until they appear before the Immigration and Refugee Board. One claimant who underwent a recent security check had been charged with white slavery, while others had convictions for theft, weapons offences and fraud, officers said.” (Toronto Sun, August 19, 1997) In accordance with a certifiably lunatic system (which we mustn’t criticize) so-called refugee claimants have “the right to collect government benefits while waiting for their hearing in Canada. … It still takes more than a year for a claimant to be referred for a hearing and another 14 months for the claimant’s case to be judged.” (Globe and Mail, August 15, 1997) Welfare reform was a gift of Mike Harris’s ” Common Sense Revolution” but any hint that the refugee system is routinely abused and ripe for reform will be denounced as “hatred”. Since newcomers not only qualify for welfare (but bigger welfare payouts), we can expect to see ever-more native-born Canadians making a “home” on the streets. Nevertheless, the question remains: WHY are they here? Ottawa pressed for the Czech Republic’s inclusion in NATO. Are we accepting “refugees” from an ally? “Amnesty International does not refer to any Czech human rights abuses in its 1997 annual report. In fact, according to Amnesty spokesperson John Tackaberry, the organization has never criticized the Czech government’s treatment of its Roma minority. ” (Toronto Star, August 25, 1997)

Ethiopian Olympian Sprints to Canada for “Refugee” Medal

Miruts Yifter, the Ethiopian double gold medalist at the 1980 Moscow Olympics is claiming refugee status. Oddly enough, he is doing so from Toronto. “He has a political problem at home,” according to the editor of a local Amharic language newspaper. No details of the “problem” are forthcoming. “The bow-legged little goat farmer — a pint-size 5-foot-4 and 117 pounds — made his reputation through the 1970’s by keeping a respectable pace, then burning off opponents with a devastating finishing kick.” (Globe and Mail, August 16, 1997) It appears, in 1997, he’s running true to form.


Tamil Tigers Extort Money From Welfare Payments & Wages

Yet another sign of the utter lack of screening of illegals who claim “refugee” status while on Canadian soil is a recent story from The Province (August 13, 1997) While CSIS expends a fortune monitoring a few Skinheads who admire Adolf Hitler, we have ruthless international terrorists fundraising through extortion and intimidation. “Immigrants who fled civil war-torn Sri Lanka [Ceylon] for Canada have suffered savage beatings for refusing to help bankroll rebel Tamil Tigers’ guerrilla fight for an independent homeland. And authorities suspect part of the cash is being raised from welfare cheques — courtesy of the taxpayer. Tamil refugees living in Canada have suffered broken limbs and vicious beatings for refusing to hand over money to enforcers who belong to the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. … In some cases, those who are beaten into submission have agreed to part with up to 25 per cent of their paycheques or welfare cheques to support the LTTE’s violent drive for an independent homeland for the Tamil ethnic minority in Sri Lanka. … Nearly 150,000 Tamils, mostly refugees, live in Canada, with a majority of them in the Toronto area. There are an estimated 5,000 in B.C. A source said most of the beatings have been reported in Toronto. ‘It’s broken knees, broken legs, broken necks,’ said the source, who would not be identified, about the violent intimidation tactics faced by those Tamils who refuse to part with their cash. ‘The Tamils are very goo d at raising funds, They are better than the Khalistani (Sikh militants) and the Arab groups in Canada. Find out who’s on welfare, then it is 25 per cent of your welfare cheque — must donate. It’s strictly through intimidation,’ said the government official about the tactics employed by full-time enforcers. … ‘It’s an international problem,’ he added. The fundraising activities have authorities in Germany alarmed as well. German Foreign Minister Dr. Werner Hoyer recently threatened to ban the LTTE and deport its members. Authorities in Germany believe more than 150 LTTE enforcers extort money from Tamils in various German cities. …RCMP have interviewed more than 1,000 Tamils in a bid to flush out LTTE members using violence and intimidation to raise money for their war chest. The Sri Lankan High Commission in Ottawa said yesterday that Toronto-area RCMP are cracking down on enforcers linked to the Ontario-based World Tamil Organization, said to be a front for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. … Their investigation suggests the Tigers … may be using Canadian-supplied welfare money to fund their guerrilla war against the Sri Lankan government. ‘They are actually receiving welfare from the federal government,’ said Saliya Weregama, a spokesman for the Sri Lankan High Commission in Ottawa. … Weregama said much of the money is raised through intimidation and threats directed at relatives living in Sri Lanka. ‘Of course, the people who dole out money, they are scared by repercussions of what would happen to family back home,’ he said. ‘They are scared; they suffer in silence.'”

The Case of the Millionaire Paperboy

A paperboy is shot to death in the driveway of this house. That’s strange. Stranger still is the fact that the house is worth $900,000 and the paperboy is an adult. This was the strange case of Yu Kay Sit. His widow complained against both the Vancouver Sun and the Vancouver police for highlighting the unusual circumstances of this man who, according to Madam Sit, “who didn’t want her first name used, … [had] no enemies. ‘He’s a very dedicated, hard-working person,’ she said. Yu Kat Sit was a co-owner of a Vancouver-based ginseng company, she said, but because he didn’t speak English, other people ran the firm.” (Vancouver Sun, March 3, 1997) Question: How did Yu Kay Sit, who apparently spoke no English, get into Canada? According to Madam Sit her husband was “‘bored in Canada.'” Apparently, though, not bored enough to go back home. “She said her husband took at job at Sing Tao delivering papers in order to meet people and make friends.” While her Kerrisdale house is “now worth nearly $1-million, the house actually has a mortgage of about $550,000, said [Madam] Sit. She said her husband sold his Hong Kong taxi licence for about $300,000 before the family emigrated here. According to documents filed with the land titles office, Sit also owns a condominium on Wolfe Avenue for which he paid $200,000 on January 13, 1992. It is mortgaged for $100,000.” That’s $650,000 in mortgages. At a very conservative 6 per cent interest, amortized over 25 years, Yu Kay Sit would have to come up with payments of $4,158.74 monthly. The tips must have been really good on the paper route!

African Illegals Charged In Serial Rapes in Vancouver

Over and over again we see the folly of permitting illegals to claim “refugee” status from within Canada. Unscreened for health or criminal background, these people — provided with welfare and legal aid, of course — are turned loose on the Canadian people. It is often years before their “refugee” claims are adjudicated. A Delta 17-year-old is the latest victim of Canada’s immigration policy. “Police are hunting for victims of a suspected team of serial rapists after a vicious attack left a naive teenage girl emotionally and physically traumatized. The assault closely resembles two other sexual assaults on 16-year-olds this year. All three began a friendly conversation at Sky Train stations, and all three involved young black African men. ‘We believe it is entirely possible there are other victims out there who have not come forward,’ Vancouver Const. Anne Drennan said. … Two men were charged with aggravated sexual assault this week in the incident which began at Metrotown SkyTrain Station. The 17-year-old had come from Delta looking for friends to skateboard with. Instead, she met three African men. At the men’s invitation, they rode into Vancouver together and, after buying beer and hard liquor, wound up at a house on East 16th. They started drinking and, when the girl wanted to stop, things turned ugly. The men forced her to down hard liquor. When she was drunk, they forced her into a back room of the small house and repeatedly sexually assaulted her. Her screams were heard around the neighbourhood. Another woman in the house, a friend of one of the suspects, responded to the cries. ‘She heard this girl screaming, went into the bedroom and pulled three men off the girl,’ Drennan said. … Police have charged Desire Francis Kubwarugai, 27, and Jako Antonio, 20, with aggravated sexual assault. Drennan said Kubwarugai, a Kenyan, has been in the area for three months. Antonio, a Burundi native, has been here for three weeks. Both are claiming refugee status.” (The Province, Vancouver, August 15, 1997) “The paint is peeling, garbage and excrement litter the lawn. … In this house, police alleged, a 17-year-old’s world was shattered [August 11] It’s a home that a search warrant later revealed to be a flophouse for African immigrants. Joseph Peter lives here. … He asks the public not to blame him for what he says is the mistake of being friendly. ‘We said they could sleep here for a few days,’ said Peter, who said he was out at the time of the attack. … Peter claims the house is home to no more than five people, although police say the actual number is anywhere up to three times that amount. … Like him [Peter], one of them [the accused] was a Kenyan.” Not only does Canada’s criminally lax immigration policy bear direct responsibility for the gang rape of the Delta girl, but so too does the religion of multicult. School systems and the government propaganda mills tell people that we are to be enriched by all the newcomers. Diversity is strength. Such multicult is a mental and moral form of AIDS. It rots a people’s natural resistance to outside invasion, that, like a body’s immune system, fights a disease that invades the body. Healthy people have a natural reserve and suspicion of strangers. It’s just basic self-preservation. We’re not talking of some homocidal hostility, just a prudent caution. However, those who’ve imbibed the lessons of multicult have been told to embrace the strangers, who are far better than we are anyway, and who will enrich us with their diversity. Thus, the poor victim was led to think that she could safely party with African strangers she’d met on the SkyTrain. Critics might well question her good judgment, but, in her defence, we must note that she emerges from a system that has consistently lied to her and told her to ignore her natural instincts.

Macau Dragon’s Entry Hints at Immigration Corruption

“Lai [Tong Sang, a Macau triad-leader or “dragon”] applied for immigration status in Hong Kong in 1994, but his application was never approved. … In May of 1996, Mr. Lai visited Los Angeles and applied at the consulate there. His application was approved in September and he landed in Vancouver on Oct. 20. … It is not clear whether Mr. Lai is still in Canada. His lawyer, Craig Iwata, wouldn’t discuss the case. … On July 25 his Vancouver home was the target of a drive-by shooting. … On July 31, immigration officials asked the minister to declare Mr. Lai a danger to the Canadian public and deport him. [Immigration Minister, Lucienne Robillard claims]: “This is not in the public interest if I reveal the details of the case right now.” But Ms. Robillard said she would not say what the department is doing “until the situation is over and we find a solution. ‘Then we can explain.'” (Globe and Mail, August 23, 1997) “Immigration officials want Immigration Minister Lucienne Robillard to deport a suspected Macau Triad gang leader granted Canadian immigrant status less than a year ago. Lai Tong Sang was granted status in 1996 and bought a [$750,000] house in Vancouver, despite RCMP files that described him as a ‘suspicious person tied to criminal activities in Macau.’ Department officials now suspect Lai is running the Wo On Lok Triad out of his Vancouver home, after border officials noted two gang members had visited Vancouver recently.” ( Vancouver Sun, August 14, 1997) Stranger still is the fact that Lai got into the country at all, after initially being turned down at Canadian immigration offices in Hong Kong. “The RCMP earlier thought it perplexing they hadn’t been asked by immigration to investigate Lai. Normally, landed immigrant applicants are subject to an RCMP criminal check and a security check by the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service, Lai — whose alleged triad is also known as the Shui Fong or Water Room gang — is free to come and go as he pleases. … What is unclear is whether immigration staff approved the application for landed immigrant status despite RCMP and CSIS warnings, or whether those agencies cleared Lai. … One expert on terrorism said information obtained by The Vancouver Sun from two sources with access to RCMP and immigration records could point to corruption in the immigration department. ‘This is someone outside our security organizations who was playing fast and loose,’ said John Thompson of the Mackenzie Institute. … Immigration records indicate that Lai was not approved for landed immigrant status by the Canadian [High ] Commission in Hong Kong, despite two applications during a two-year period, the source said. … On May, 1996, Lai applied for landed immigrant status at the Canadian consulate in Los Angeles. HIs application was approved on September 18. … He was given permanent resident status when he arrived October 20 at Vancouver airport. Rob Gordon, a Simon Fraser University expert on organized crime gangs, said earlier that Lai’s detour from Hong Kong to Los Angeles indicates there may have been someone friendly to him at that office.” What You Can Do Canada’s immigration policy is under review. Send submissions to: Review Advisory Group, 300 Slater St., Journal Tower North, 6th Floor, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 1L1. FAX 613-946-0581; e-mail P.O. Box 332 Station ‘B’
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