It’s been a bad week for “anti-racists” — those sworn enemies of free thought and common sense.

First, Minister of State for Multiculturalism the Hefty Hedy Fry lost it. Truth went one way and her mouth went the other. Pounding the drums for the New World Order holy day, the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Fry insisted that as she spoke crosses were being burned on lawns in Prince George. This, of course, was a complete lie. She eventually had to retreat — and none to gracefully from her fantasy. Reasonable observers could see the ludicrous sight of this Trinidadian immigrant, twice elected to the House of Commons and made a cabinet minister, hollering about racism in Canada. Some “racist” country that elevates a foreigner to its cabinet. She proved herself to be the perfect puffy poster girl for anti-racism — hysterical, vicious and untruthful.

Then, Friday, March 23, Kitchener-based thugs of an anarchist group called “Anti-Racist” Action tried to storm a meeting of the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee.

Paul Fromm and the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee [] hosted a meeting on ‘Immigration: The Politics of Replacement’ in Kitchener that night. During the peaceful meeting, hooded thugs from the local Anti-Racist Action (ARA) chapter tried to disrupt the meeting. They failed!

The ARA attack in Pictures

Paul Fromm speaks to assembled group on Immigration Reform


Masked Thugs from the Terrorist ARA chase a middle aged lady down the hall, screaming,and try to gain entry to the meeting by throwing a table and assualting a middle aged women.

People from inside the meeting room, repel the thugs back out into the hallwayKitchener-Waterloo police will arrive 5 minutes later to throw the ARA off Hotel property.

Kitchener-Waterloo Police address the Meeting about the security threat the ARA poses.

Members of ARA sneak onto hotel property and put libelous flyers on cars in parking lot[Side 1 Enlarged] [Side 2 Enlarged]

They smashed a mirror and overturned a table and tried to scatter some literature around. Then, a number of young working lads attending the meeting expelled the intruders and put the hooded cowards to flight. The thugs were summarily turfed back out of the meeting room, and after a short 15 minute delay, the meeting went on, undeterred by their actions.

The standing room only meeting heard Paul Fromm describe the massive Third World immigration being urged for Canada and Western European countries as a plan “for our replacement” and reduction to “minority status” in our own lands by 2050.

Hear the Kitchener Meeting ARA Thugs tried to stop!

[Listen Now To The Meeting]

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The ARA thugs then decided to write on the hotel walls with crayon, and go out onto the street (after being forced to leave by police) and hold signs that made little sense to people driving by.

One of the ARA operatives briefly attended the meeting and disabled the phone so people could not call down to hotel security.

The ARA as usual were such cowards, yelling and screaming like morons outside the meeting room, and attacked a lady at the meeting. Being so proud in what they are doing, one would wonder why all but one wore masks.

For more information on what cowards the ARA are see:

Anti-Racist Action is a collection of social misfits, freaks, weirdos and degenerates, who have been involved in numerous assaults, attempted murders, property destruction and various other criminal activities. They have a very close relationship with Canada’s B’nai Brith which is documented on the Freedom-Site at:

Article from Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Racism protest flares at hotel

Saturday March 24, 2001

KITCHENER — A group of anti-racist protesters tried to push their way into a meeting at a Kitchener hotel last night, believing white supremacist groups were gathered inside.

Alarmed hotel guests, including some terrified children, locked their doors as a scuffle ensued in the Holiday Inn on Fairway Road.

Waterloo regional police were called, but would not immediately confirm any arrests.

The protesters were moved from hotel property, but continued their protest from the sidewalk along Fairway Road.

They said groups such as the Tri-City Skins, the Canadian Ethnic Cleansing Team and the Canadian Heritage Alliance had joined for a special meeting.

Paul Fromm, who was fired by the Peel Board of Education in 1997 for alleged association with white supremacists, was the guest speaker.

A meeting organizer denied the groups were neo-Nazis, calling them supporters of free speech. He said masked protesters chased a woman through the halls and tried to burst into the meeting with cameras.

Paul Tarasus of Kitchener, who sat through part of the meeting before joining protesters outside, said a mirror got broken during the scuffle.

“There was a lot of neo-Nazi propaganda in the books in that room, a lot of hate literature towards immigrants and non-whites,” he said.

The protest was organized by K-W Anti-Racist Action.

“We’ve been following these groups for years,” said Davin Charney, one of the protesters. “Our goal is to put an end to their organizing efforts.”

Jennifer Schwehr, the hotel manager on duty, declined to comment. But a guest, Gord Johnstone of Kincardine, said he wanted to find a new hotel.

“I don’t want to share a shelter with any Nazi groups,” he said. “I don’t want to be around them, in any way, shape or form.”