CAFE Backs Bernard Klatt Under Attack By Sol Littman

We’ve noted the storm of publicity generated by Sol Littman’s wild accusation that Oliver is the “hate capital of Canada” because a local Internet provider offers services to some rightwing groups Littman doesn’t like. Littman has a long history of headline grabbing and self-promotion. More than a decade ago, he got front page and spooked the government of the day with allegations that Nazi Josef Mengele might have applied to come to Canada. It was later discovered that his was pure fabrication and Littman was chastised in the Deschenes Commission Report. Sadly, Littman knows he can count on a sensationalist and credulous press to bellow his accusations and hurt people like Bernard Klatt and communities like yours.

Bad as it is to label a community a “hate” centre, it is even more unfair to label the website and its contents “hate” and to broadcast this widely in the press. The censors in our midst label any political views they don’t like “hate” as a tactic to smear and silence. Wilful promotion of hatred against certain privileged groups (minorities) is contrary to Canada’s Criminal Code. To label someone a hatemonger is to slander that person, unless he has been so convicted.

To the best of my knowledge, none of the material on Mr. Klatt’s site has ever been the subject of a conviction for “hate”. Unless and until it has, Mr. Littman should tone down the diatribes and abuse. Too often “hate” has been used to shut off debate on such controversial topics as native land claims and massive immigration. Let free thought and open dialogue reign. Let’s cool the lies and rhetoric about “hate”.

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