Free Speech Monitor Anti-Racist Action (ARA) street thugs who hosted the taxpayer-subsidized Youth Against Hate: Anti-Racist/Anti-Fascist Organizing Conference in Toronto, June 22-23, got $8,000 from the Ontario Government’s Trillium Foundation and $8,000 voted but not yet delivered [see items below] from the Metropolitan Toronto Council, and have connections with the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith, a group that wields considerable impact as a lobby group on behalf of its community. One of the speakers at this ARA conference, which attracted about 85 people, was Dr. Karen Mock, executive director of B’nai Brith. She also strongly backed the ARA’s grant application before Metro Council, when it came under attack by people opposed to this waste of taxpayers’ money. Even more fascinating was a memo, dated May 22, from Sam Title of B’nai Brith to a Metro Councillor’s office. The memo read in part: “Just so you are aware, we have worked with them before, and we presently have a very workable and amiable relationship with ARA … despite their ‘tactics.'” What’s cutely termed their “tactics” involve breaking up populist meetings and assaulting political opponents. A further fact sheet supplied by Title explained: “In 1994 and 1995, the ARA has published several pamphlets profiling racist leaders or groups throughout Canada. These materials are well-researched, but their use of pejorative terms like ‘boneheads’ limit their use as research tools.”

Sol Littman & the Wiesenthal Centre Try to Censor the Net

Toronto’s Freedom Site. A number of populist groups including C-FAR and CAFE have webpages there for Internet buffs to peruse. On June 28, Lemire’s Internet provider Pathway Communications, under unspecified pressure, kicked the Freedom Site off without warning. Lemire immediately hooked up with another provider Fairview Technology Centre Ltd. in Oliver,B.C. He enjoyed less than three weeks of peace. On July 16, Sol Littman, Canadian representative ot the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, wrote to Bernard Klatt, owner of Fairview. Littman’s letter said: “It has been brought to my attention that your internet service has become the site for a number of groups that specialize in racial and religious hate material. The following is a list of groups that have taken advantage of your service: Canadian Patriot’s Network, Digital Freedom, Citizens for Foreign Aid Reform, Canadian Association for Free Expression, Euro-Christian Defence League. We thought it best to bring the matter to your attention and to point out that you are not obliged to carry subscribers who involve the provider in matters of race hatred of which they disapprove.” Littman’s letter is, of course, an example of outrageous slander. None of the groups mentioned has ever been charged, much less convicted, of promoting racial or religious hatred. That is simply a Littman smear term and scare tactic. This vilification was picked up in coverage in the Vancouver Sun and Toronto Star (July 19, 1996). The Vancouver Sun proclaimed that “at least 12 groups promoting white supremacy and hate against minorities”[full article] are using Fairview Technology. The Toronto Star’s article was headlined: “Hate Groups Using B.C. Internet Site.” Klatt proved stubborn and stuck to his guns, refusing to pull the plug on the Freedom Site. Klatt said: “I do not believe that I should refuse access to any individual or group based on the content of their message.” (Vancouver Sun, July 24, 1996) While Klatt appreciates freedom of speech, the same cannot be said for the Ottawa Sun’s (July 24, 1996) Netwatch columnist Rob Hall, who wrote: “However, once made aware of the illegal material [It’s not], Klatt had the responsibility to remove it or face prosecution, Let’s not forget that this material is against the law in Canada. … Hate literature is against our law, and … these pages should be removed.” B.C.’s Punjabi-born Attorney-General Ujjal Dosanjh snapped to it after the Littman letter and said “he wanted to determine if B.C. can regulate offensive material on the Internet.” (Vancouver Sun, July 24, 1996) Of course, the anti-racism expert for all seasons, David (Bare Bum) Lethbridge. “Insisted that Klatt take responsibility for what’s on his web sites. ‘Freedom of speech is something that’s highly overplayed,’ he said.” (Penticton Herald, July 23, 1996) A stalwart in the Communist Party of Canada might indeed think so.

CAERS Dissolved But Continues To Rake in Grants & Cash

There’s money in the anti-racism and anti-free speech industry. “A Lower Mainland anti-racist research organization has obtained hundreds of thousands of dollars through government grants and charity casino nights even though it hasn’t filed financial statements with the B.C. Registrar of Companies since January, 1991. On September 2, 1994, the registrar John Powell, dissolved the Canadian Anti-Racism Education and Research Society.” (Georgia Straight, July 25-August 1, 1996) In the three years, 1993-1995, CAERS revenues “were $742,382. … From 1993 to 1995, annual administration costs increased to $35,495 from $9,717, travel costs jumped to $16,934 from $2,231 and salaries rose to $81,217 from $57,220.” CAERS got $104,000 in 1995 and $100,300 the year before in grants from the B.C. Attorney-General’s department. Over the past two years, CAERS has snagged $87,955 from the Canadian Heritage Ministry. Much of CAERS and Dutton work seems to involve trying to restrict free speech.