For Immediate Release!

CSIS Calls Itself “Canada’s Political Police” & States ARA Torched Zundel’s House

Since the outrageously biased Heritage Front Affair Report published by the Security Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC), a group of appointed political has-beens and bagmen, we have had serious concerns that Canada’s security apparatus is utterly out of control and is spying wholesale and contrary to the CSIS Act on legitimate, non-violent dissent. Some very disturbing confirmation of our fears has recently come our way. In February of this year, Kitchener, Ontario electronics businessman Michael Rothe was interviewed by two CSIS agents, who identified themselves to him as such and showed ID. They were identified as Peter and Angela. Rothe had organized several meetings in Kitchener for British historian David Irving, who has since, under pressure from the censorship lobby been banned from Canada, while planeloads of Tamil terrorists and Jamaican drug pushers and gunmen seem to have open access to this country. The interview was taped. The revelations on this tape are staggering! ANGELA: “Have you heard of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service?” PETER: “You can bet it’s real!…. I’ll explain what we are. First, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service is like the BFK in Germany.” These are the dreaded so-called Federal Constitution Protection Police (Bundesverfassungsschutz), who spy on the German right and are blatantly a political police force. Just in case the frightened German immigrant didn’t get the point, Peter added: “We’re the political police. Angela and I are from the counter-terrorism branch. … We are interested in the Heritage Front.”

    He was then asked a number of questions as to how he got involved in politics, how he’d been contacted by the Heritage Front and what he thought of this group, which CSIS, through its agent Grant Bristow had helped fund and lead!

PETER: “Did you ever meet Paul Fromm. He’s C-FAR and CAFE. The school teacher from Mississauga. He would have been at the this David Irving [meeting].”

    False!!! Fromm was actually in Vancouver that day.

PETER: “In Toronto, Wolfgang [Droege of the Heritage Front] has been much troubled by a group that calls itself Anti-Racist Action, ARA. This is a collection of anarchists, Trotskyists, Stalinists.” ANGELA: “The ARA that Peter described firebombed Ernst Zundel. I’m sure you’ve heard about the problem various leaders of the so-called right wing have received firebombs.”

    She’s apparently referring to the May 7, 1995 arson attack on Ernst Zundel’s Toronto residence/office, and firebombings of Don Andrews and Nicola Polinuk.

PETER: “So, we’re interested to know, … were there ever threats made to you?”

    That ought to put the fear of the Lord into him,

So, here we have CSIS’s description of themselves as “political police”. Frightening! Then, there’s the clear assertion that the perpetratrors of the fire at Zundel’s and the firebombings in spring, 1995, were the ARA. If so, why haven’t they been arrested? Are they being protected by the Canadian security establishment? Readers should contact Solicitor-General Herb Gray and ask these questions.

Ontario readers should contact Solicitor-General Bob Runciman and ask why, in light of this information, no charges have been laid by the Metropolitan Toronto Police in these clearly political acts of terrorism. Had such an attack been perpetrated on the offices of one the currently privileged minorities, is there any doubt that every rightwinger to the starboard of Joe Clark would have been hauled in for questioning?