C-FAR supporters used a May 22 rally outside of Justice Minister Allan Rock’s Toronto headquarters to kick off a 10-day campaign to distribute tens of thousands of leaflets reminding people that immigration is an issue in this election.

While all parties have stressed the need to address the problem of unemployment, all have studiously avoided the fact that the more than one-million immigrants admitted in the past five years have helped to keep the unemployment rate scandalously high. The following is the text of the C-FAR leaflet, which was also used to introduce voters to C-FAR newsletters.

Immigration is an Election Issue

Since the immigration revolution of 1965, when the Pearson government turned its back on our traditional source of immigration (Europe), Canada has undergone a radical demographic change.

  • Whole neighbourhoods have changed, with the traditional Canadian population being replaced.
  • Poor screening has permitted large numbers of criminals and gangsters to enter Canada.
  • Poor screening has allowed ugly diseases like TB, hepatitis and leprosy to make a comeback in Canada.
  • Costs such as ESL and welfare for legions of illegals have soared.
  • Multiculturalism policies have restricted free speech for Canadians, denigrated Canadian culture (banning Christmas assemblies in some schools) and cost tens of millions.
  • The immigration flood (200,000 plus per year) has kept unemployment artificially high and blighted the future for young Canadians.
  • Canadians never voted for these policies. They were never asked.
  • All three oldline parties — Liberal, Progressive Conservative, and NDP — backed this massive change.