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Multicult Results: Oriental Immigrants Loot Stanley Park Sea Life

One of the problems with multiculturalism is that it fails to take into account the radically different values of other cultures which sometimes conflict with ours. “John Nightingale, executive director of Stanley Park’s Vancouver Aquarium, is quoted by the Vancouver Sun as saying the park’s marine life is being `systematically strip-mined.’ He said: `Immigrants from different cultures have the attitude, These people come to Canada and need better education..'” Needless to say Nightingales comments got slapped with the R-word, `Victor Wong of the Vancouver Association of Chinese Canadians [labelled] Mr. Nightingales comments as shocking and bordering on racist.’ (globe and Mail, September 19, 1995)

Surprise: Skilled Immigrants Enjoy Bigger Incomes

It would hardly be necessary to have a study to confirm the obvious: skilled immigrants, as opposed to those who know neither of our official language and have no job skills, earn more money. Nevertheless, “immigrants selected for their education, language and job skills end up earning twice or three times as much as family-class immigrants, an internal immigration department study shows. . The study, compiled last November using a new database that for the first time combines immigration data with tax records, is part of research meant to support planned changes in Canada’s immigration criteria. . Canada’s planned 1995 immigration intake between 190,000 and 215,000 can be divided into three groupings: independent immigrants selected for their education, language and job skills (about 43 per cent of the total); family class immigrants who are sponsored by relatives already in Canada (about 51 per cent); and refugees and others (about 6 per cent).” (Toronto Star. September 24, 1995)

Cyllorn & B.C. First Suggest Computer Card to Cut Immigrant Fraud

Vancouver writer and professional iconoclast Jud Cyllorn is in the process of organizing a new populist provincial party in B.C. called B.C. First, Cyllorn, the author of Stop Apologising, is recommending an amazingly simple way to cut fraud and abuse of medicare, driver’s licenses and welfare by immigrants and others. At present, Ontario has more a million more medicare , cards than it has citizens. It is widely known that many immigrants that can’t speak or read English get a bother-in-law or other doppelganger to take their driver’s test for them. In Ontario and B.C. welfare fraud by Somalis and others is accomplished by making multiple claims in several communities or under false names. Cyllorn’s solution is a masterpiece of common sense. Each citizen would be issued with a computer generated I.D. card that is bar coded with essential information, including his photo. He can present this as a driver’s license and I.D. for welfare or medicare. An inexpensive computer terminal reads and shows the card and shows his true photo on the screen. Should an imposter use this card, the fraud would quickly be obvious. Similarly, centralized welfare records would swiftly expose those double or triple dipping into the public trough. If an idea man has any place in Canadian politics, Cyllorn should do well.


Fijian Pervert Fights Deportation

Here’s anther mistake Canada made. “An immigrant convicted of sexually assulteing a boy more than 100 times has appealed his deportation order to the Federal Court of Canada. Naresh Chand, 41, filed the appeal after an immigration appeal panel ruled in May that he be returned to his native Fiji as soon as he is released from Mission prison. At the time, immigration officer Murray Wilkinson said he believed Chand had reached the end of the road in Canada. . However, lawyer Richard Paisley said then his former client could still appeal to the Federal Court. `And he could make a refugee claim.’ . Chand was sentenced to four years in jail after being convicted in October, 1990of more than 100 incidents of sexual assault on a boy. In addition to sexually assulting the boy over a four-year period, Chand covered the boys mouth, slapped his face, and tossed him around while sexually assaulting him. . The boy was eight years old when Chand first assaulted him. Chand . was ordered deported. The boy has attempted suicide on at least two occasions since the abuse stopped. At Chand’s trial, Justice Patrick Dohm said Chand, who worked as a janitor in Delta, committed ` acts of severe violence,’ on the boy, whose mother befriended Chand after he arrived from Fiji in 1983. Chand [said] . he would not re-offend and could keep his family together by staying in Canada. He also said that he would be treated badly in Fiji, not only because he is a sex offender, but because he is an East Indian.” (Vancouver Sun, August 23, 1995)

Indian Killer Wants to Stay in Canada

“The future of a man who bludgeoned a mother of six to death with a baseball bat was put on hold [June 28] while an immigration appeal board considers his deportation from Canada. Satpal Singh Jhatoo, 27, told the three-member appeal board at Matsqui prison he would never commit another crime. . Jhatoo, a citizen of India , was convicted of second-degree murder in the beating death of Ranjit Kaur Toore, 45, in 1987. After killing the women he doused her in gasoline and set her on fire. He was sentenced to life in prison but was released on day parole last year. Fort St. James RCMP arrested him in February of this year for possesion of drugs. Speaking through an interpreter, Jhatoo’s mother and father also testified that they want their son to remain in Canada. . Although his client suffered a `setback’ when caught with marijuana during parole, [defence lawyer Bill] Macintosh suggested sending Jhatoo back to India would be like `pulling a fish out of water.’ . Immigration lawyer Dennis Tanack said Jhatoo was likely to commit more crimes, had no work history and had not benefitted from counselling. He said Jhatoo has `a considerable reservoir of hostility, particularly under the influence of intoxicants.'” (Vancouver Sun, June 29, 1995) The amazing thing is that this shiftless, murderous alien remained loose one minute after his release from custody from his short-lived “life” sentence. He should have been detained in close custody until summarily removed from our shores. That he wasn’t is yet another sign of the utter degeneracy of our present immigration system.

Chinese Triads Seek to Set Up Shop in Canada

“The clock is ticking for the criminal gangs in Hong Kong. The triads, faced with uncertainties of new political masters when Hong Kong reverts to China in 1997, have already established significant footholds in Canada. And some analysts say we can expect a huge increase in imported gangsters as the power swap approaches. `When Hong Kong empties out at the end of 1996, there’ll be a lot of them flocking to Vancouver,’ said Lee Lamothe, who has studied triads in Canada and is the author of the book Global Mafia. `A lot of them have already bought property in Vancouver and have gone back to live out the rest of Hong Kong as they know it. But they will be coming back and bringing their heroin network with them because that’s their source of money. Hong Kong police intelligence documents . show that 17 gang bosses applied to immigrate to Canada three years ago. `These players include massive triad syndicates that smuggle aliens into Canada (including other criminals),’ the documents say. `We have learned that four more triad enforcers . who arrange gang warfare, beatings torture and murder, have also applied to enter Canada.’ The documents say that the leader of the Wo Hop To triad was a part-owner of a popular Vancouver vegetarian restaurant. The report also names a Richmond travel agency owned an enforcer for the Sun Yee On triad. It says the agency helps set up alien smuggling rings and provides bogus refugee claimants with papers in a `massive international operation by the code name Chinese Charter.’ . The bogus refugees arrived in bogus jumbo jets. . Staff Sgt. Andy Nimmo of Vancouver’s Co-ordinated Law Enforcement Unit, said triads have taken advantage of investment programmes aimed at immigrants. `Businesses have been bought in Canada with money derived from organized crime. A lot of the triad money has definitely been laundered in Canada through the purpose of businesses. . Not much moves (in Hong Kong) that doesn’t pay into organized crime.'” (Vancouver Province, July 23. 1995)

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