Canadian women are being paid to marry Moroccans as part of an organized immigration scam. … It has also been confirmed that Royal Air Maroc flight attendants regularly have their babies born in Canada to obtain citizenship. They [Moroccans] know controls are so minimal that there is little chance that the abuse will be discovered — let alone punished, says a confidential Foreign Affairs report. Department documents reveal a widespread network to gain Canadian passports and citizenship for Moroccans through marriages of convenience.

After the Maroccans obtain Canadian passports and landed immigrant visas, the couples get divorced. In Canada there exists recruitment networks for marriages with citizens of [the] Maghreb (North Africa) and more specifically Morocco, senior Foreign Affairs official Robin Higham warned in a memo. Higham, a former ambassador to Morocco, wrote he was stupefied and extremely upset by the increase in Canadians marrying Moroccan men. Higham … used an example of a young welfare mother — with children from three different husbands — who married a Moroccan. Stewardesses from Royal Air Maroc also profit from a trip to Canada to give birth and to, therefore, automatically insure Canadian citizenship for their child. As to how much the women are paid, … one source said they pocket up to $10,000. (Toronto Sun, November 19, 1995)

Immigration Adviser Accused of Telling Illegals to Lie

Canada is usually a sucker for a creative sob story. Tens of thousands of illegals have learned the way to play the game. Don’t apply for refugee status abroad, where your bona fides can often be checked. Fly one way into Canada, claim refugee status, immediately plug into welfare, legal aid, medicare, and many other goodies. Tell a creative hard luck story that the political appointees on the Immigration and Refugee Board are often in no position to question. In no time at all, you’ll be in like Flint. One of Vancouver’s most successful immigration consultants advised a client to claim falsely she had been raped by Fijian soldiers, according to an affadavit filed at the Supreme Court of British Columbia. … The Law Society of B.C. … told the Parliamentary Subcommittee on Immigration Consultants [November 7] it has received numerous complaints of exploitation that reveal negligence and fraud by some immigration consultants. … Refugee claimant Om Wati Chand stated in her 1993 affadavit that … Jaswant Singh Mangat … advised her to claim she was raped. Mr. Mangat told me that this false rape claim was necessary so that my claim would be accepted by the panel as my story was weak. (Vancouver Sun, November 9, 1995) Mangat denies Om Wati Chand’s accusations.

Canada Will be Close to 20% Non-White in A Decade: Were You Consulted?

Statistics Canada says that by 2006, the Canadian population will have grown to 30.6-million, of which visible minorities will account for almost 5.6 million people or 18.3 per cent! (Toronto Star, November 21, 1995) The figures hammer home the full impact of the immigration invasion engineered by the Liberals in 1967 and perpetrated on a gulled and cowed Canadian public. There has never been a referendum or even an election where people had a say on this major piece of social engineering which polls repeatedly show is rejected by three Canadians in four; that is, they oppose major changes in the ethnic balance of their neighbourhoods. Perhaps, that explains why the powers-that-be have reacted so hysterically to Premier Parizeau’s comments on ethnics having cost him the referendum and to Lucien Bouchard’s musings about the need for more French Canadian babies. Perhaps, they fear that people in the ROC — that is, the Rest of Canada — may also start drawing unfavourable conclusions about what’s being done to them with immigration.

Suggestions for Seasons Greetings & Happy Holiday Cards

The Canadian Majority is in a cultural war with the high priests of multicult. There’s a deliberate effort to denigrate and diminish our European and still largely Christian culture. In some areas, school children are not allowed to sing Christmas carols. Some public buildings won’t display Christmas or Christmas religious paraphernalia. Several years ago, the politically correct took to sending cards wishing recipients Seasons Greetings or Happy Holidays. They couldn’t bring themselves to utter the word Christmas. We, the Majority in Canada celebrate Christmas — whether for religious or cultural reasons — not holidays or a season. We urge like-minded readers to return cards they get from politicians which don’t acknowledge Christmas. Let them know you don’t celebrate a season or a holiday. You celebrate Christmas. If they can’t acknowledge that, then let them keep their card. While we’re at it, to all our supporters and readers, A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOURS, and a big lump of coal for the politically correct Scrooges who can’t mention the ‘C’ word. Bah, humbug, to them!!!


Sikh Berry Pickers & U.I. Fraud in the Fraser Valley

Manjit Kaur (a recent immigrant from India) toiled 12 hours a day, seven days a week, in backbreaking farm work–only to be ripped off by the (Indo-Canadian) contractor who hired her. After nearly four months in (British Columbia’s) Fraser Valley berry fields, all she got was a record of employment–a form that allowed her to apply for unemployment-insurance benefits. (The Province, October 15, 1995). Of course, this scam has been going on for years. Some ‘enterpreneur-class’ Sikh throws a group of his immigrant buddies into an old school bus, drives them out to a farm in the valley in the morning, and, at the end of the day, he brings them back to the monster homes that infest Vancouver’s suburbs. This ‘contractor’ takes most, if not all, the workers wages (paid by the farmer), and in exchange for their silence, these new arrivals to Canada get bogus employment records which say they worked the minimum 20 weeks (which they didn’t) that qualify them for UI. Naturally, most of these ‘contractors’ issue false documents to their friends and relatives, so they too can go on UI and these beneficiaries of family reunification have never even worked in the fields! An estimated 6,300 B.C. farm workers were collecting unemployment insurance last December. An estimated $42 million in insurance benefits is paid to farm workers each year. In two recent cases where the contractors have pleaded guilty to issuing false records of employment, they signed false documents worth about $2 million in UI funds. Gursewak Singh Varing, one of the men convicted of 22 counts of fraud, seemed to be shocked with his one year jail term (to be served on electronic monitoring, which allows him to sell used cars in nearby Clearbrook), because, as he says, Everybody knew I did it. (And everybody knows that Gursewak Singh Varing isn’t the only “bad apple” in the Sikh community, who is busy picking Canadian taxpayers pockets instead of berries) Of course, the whole scam wasn’t exposed until one of the farmers, a Casey Houweling, realized that the workers Mr. Varing had provided for his Houweling Nurseries were also collecting UIC. Mr Houweling (who blew the whistle, lost a million dolars in lost productivity, and got other farmers angry with him, because his actions risked losing their cheap labour supply) was disappointed with Mr. Varing’s light sentence; but, he says, I’m still glad I did it–it’s my duty as a Canadian! It’s too bad the other so-called Canadian farm-owners are more concerned with protecting their source of cheap labour than they are about the future of their country.

Chinese Refugee Jailed for 13 Years for Trafficking

A first offender has been sentenced to 13 years in prison for his involvement in a plot to smuggle $13-million worth of heroin into Canada. The stiff penalty must serve as a warning to those who think they can come to Canada and play hard and fast with the laws of this country, Madam Justice Donna Haley said [October 18]. Tat Xing Li, a 30-year-old refugee from China, spent 13 months in pre-trial custody. He was convicted of conspiring to smuggle heroin into Canada and of trafficking in the illegal drug the judge said caused untold misery to society. … The plot was hatched in the spring of 1993 and involved smuggling seven kilograms of heroin in the hollowed-out frames of Chinese paintings mailed from Thailand to Toronto. Lawyer Kofi Barnes … said the street value of that much heroin would have been approximately $13-million. (Toronto Star, October 19, 1995) Once again, isn’t anyone at the Department of Immigration responsible? How did Li get into the country? Did he have a criminal background in China? Will this dealer in death now be deported? Is anyone in Ottawa/Hull listening?

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